Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the rain continues

While we really needed the rain, I think I have had enough now. Rain makes me sleepy and I can't be sleepy today, lots going on!
Currently I am at the new teacher training but I am not presenting right now, so I'm putting my iPad to good use and recapping the day, or what's happened thus far.
I slept well last night but felt refreshed this morning, it was a lot easier to wake up! I even managed to have extra time to fold laundry hill waiting for my tea. I was out the door and in sterling by 8:30. I should only be out here until noonish, then I'm hoping to get some lunch before hitting up the gym. Then I have class tonight! Starting up course 4 this evening. This course is dealing with special Ed which should be interesting.
Well I should be paying attention now...

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