Tuesday, August 10, 2010

another two workout "twos"day tuesday

I was really disappointed waking up with a wicked sore knee again and beginning to wonder if I should just suck it up and go get it checked out. But I am so stubborn that I feel like I can actively rest it and it will cure itself... I really can still do most things on it, it just hurts sometime!
So usually Tuesday am I run, but chose not to today. I thought that might hurt it more, so I opted for the elliptical. 75 minutes later I knocked out just over 9 miles! Although getting off my quads were super tight, so I stretched a lot.
Then it was cleaning time... at my classroom. Seriously, I would have taken and posted picture of what was showing up on my paper towels but it was so gross I think I would have been too embarrassed to post them, it's amazing how much dirt and dust collect!Also spiders.... they were all over my window sills... dead and alive! ah!
I only cleaned for a couple of hours. I got rid of a lot of dust and dirt but in doing so and taking tons of books and items off shelves my room looks almost more of a mess than when I started, oh well, it's all a part of the process.
One of my colleagues and teammates was there and her hubby was nice enough to help me take down chairs which the janitors had stacked on top of my heater. I know I'm jacked (haha) but taking those down would have been a challenge so I'm grateful he took care of it!
This afternoon I was super bored and slightly tired... possibly because of the heat? Or allergies? Yes, I was sneezing my head off again today despite the claritin pill I took.
After watching some day time tv which isn't all that great, although Oprah was interesting... random people with "cool jobs" were on it. From a cake baker- Buddy from "Cake Boss" to a stunt double it was an inside scoop on their job. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I weren't a teacher? I am pleased with the path I chose, but think if I were to go back and do it again or I had to start all over it might be fun to go into the medical field. Not sure which area, but I find the way the human body works to be fascinating... maybe something along the lines of exercise physiology? But for now I am continuing along the path I have chosen...
Anyways, after watching some tv I decided to get off my lazy butt. I was going to take out my bike, I think she misses me since I haven't rode her in a week, but realized, it was super hot out there! So I did the next best thing... gym round 2. I went there and rode the bike for an hour. They have cool bikes where you choose a race and can watch it on the screen. It kind of makes me go faster/ push myself because I feel like I am competing against the people on the screen! Fun for me...
This evening I really didn't feel like cooking, but was craving bread... frozen naan to the rescue! Trader Joe's has awesome naan (indian flat bread) which bakes wicked quick.... so I sauteed some veggies, baked the naan and topped it all with my homemade salsa for a nice dinner! Although I am getting hungry again... time for snacking and tv to end the night! :)

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Caitlyn Clark said...

You're freaking me out. I have never had a classroom so I never had to do the Cleaning thing... and now I'm like "crap, Julie has been doing it all summer, and I dont' eve know what mine looks like anymore!"...