Sunday, August 1, 2010

August already?!

Seriously, how is it already August? I love August don't get me wrong, but that means it's back to school this month, yikes. I need to get into my classroom this week and kindnof figure out what I need to do, it's always tough the first days when everything is all packed up and away and I need to just organize and figure out what I want to put where. It gets easier though, this is the 7th time I will be setting up my room. Each year I try to make improvements on the past and make the space more user friendly and workable, both for me and the kids. It's just a matter of staring at the space and figuring out what makes the most sense. The make up of the class makes a huge difference too in my layout. Fortunately this year i won't have another one on one aide in my room. So I won't have to worry about creating space for another adult. Well, I hope to figure it out hhis week.
As for today, hello gorgeous weather! The air seems so much more fresh, i love it! I didn't enjoy it on my run, since i am still tread milling it up to try to keep it controlled for my knee. I ran 11 miles this am, ended up averaging at a 7:18 pace. The last mile i ran in around 6:40 so I was happy with that! I am icing my knee now though, still important in case there is still anything wrong in there! Sometimes I wish I had dray vision and could look under my skin to see what's going on in there... Weird I know.
The rest of the day is kind of a lazy Sunday. I am going to have some lunch, then go visit my grandparents. Tonight is also a big brother night, fun fun... I may take a walk again after dinner too. Last night my dad and i went out and it was really relaxing! I think I spend a lot of time "training" and enjoyed just walking for fun not trying to log miles!
Happy Sunday and happy August!

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