Saturday, August 28, 2010

the early bird gets the worm

I was an early bird for a Saturday today...
not super early, but up at 7 so I could have breakfast before going to spin at 8:30. Ginny lead us through an endurance ride this morning! These rides seem a little easier because you don't go super hard for little spirts, it's more just increasing your resistance over the hour class to keep your heart rate in a certain zone... today she wanted us to be burning some fat, not glycogen storage. I've learned a lot just going to spinning classes about heart rate and I'm excited to be taking a heart rate/ heart monitor class on Sept. 7th. Jen will be teaching it and I'm eager to learn about the zones that I should be in.
After spin this morning I hit up the elliptical for an hour, didn't push it, but kept the sweat up! I was seriously a sweaty beast after that. I did lots of stretching followed by some crunches on the ball and on the mat. And more stretching. Came home... love the 2 minute commute home, and put ice on my knee. It really wasn't bothering me at all, but I am following my doctor's orders until I see the orthopedic on Monday morning. Eager and anxious to hear what the doc has to say for sure.
Although I was super active this morning, I think I've balanced it out by being lazy this afternoon. I literally laid on my bed after showering this afternoon and just watched tv, although there really is nothing good on. I need to get changed up now so I can go to mass. After that I really should be a dork and so some grad school work... such is the life of a student and teacher!

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