Friday, August 27, 2010

Fresh air Friday!

today is the last Friday of summer vacation, and that's okay! I am ready for new beginnings, the first of which will be the new school year. As the years go on i feel like it gets easier on the first day, especially because by now i've had many of my students siblings in previous years. Being familiar with the families of kids I'll be teaching makes it easier.
Originally i was going to go into school today and finish up my room, but I decided to actually give myself a vacation day. I found out my sis was coming home for the day to go shopping with my mom, so i hit up the gym early this morning so i could do some back to school shopping with them. I was in need of so me new cardigans/ sweaters... I find that layers are key at school, with my building you never know if its going to be warm or chilly, so i like a versatile wardrobe! We hit up the usual stores... Old navy, gap, ae, Anne Taylor loft, and we got a few things. I was surprised to then actually find some cardigans at target! I've never reslly looked at clothes there, i mean i know they're not super high quality, but when i spend half my time on the floor next to 8 year olds who accidentally write on you and spill frequently, i hate spending a lot of momey on clothes.... I may be frequenting target more often for some pieces to add to my wardrobe!
Not only was it fun shopping, but it is so beautiful out that it was great just to be out and about in this wonderful fresh air! I saw a few other teachers from my district out there shopping too!
This afternoon i can't really enjoy he weather, i need to go sit in Honda and get my oiled changed. But i am going to kill two birds with one stone and bring my homework from my theories of learning disabilities class to get done!
Oh yeah almost forgot to add that i went out with some of my favorites last night. It's great to have close friends that you can not see for a month and get together right where we left off. Were going to to try to make it a once a month dinner meet up... Once the school year starts we seem to get crazy busy especially since most of us are teachers.. Although one is on maternity leave :)
Other good news as of late is in the news... Check out this week's edition of The Landmark, here's the link to the story about me:

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