Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

I don't believe in superstitions.
I do have some routines though, that I seem to always do for example:
I always put my right shoe on first and have to have double knots.
I'm a believer in pasta the night before a race, just out of habit.
The morning of a race it has to be oatmeal.
I don't like to set my alarm to any 15's... for example I like getting up at 6:22, not 6:25.
I always like to leave my tv on channel 7 when I turn it off, since it's my "lucky number."

Ok I am too tired to think of others right now, but that's just a few.
As for today I am loving the heat relief... I'll take 70s over 90s, although I do enjoy a good hot day every now and then. Allergy relief today too is also a bonus!

I got up early this morning... thanks dad for being loud!... But it forced me to start up the tea kettle at 7:30... I know this isn't "early" but for summer it is!
After breakfast the gym was on the agenda. Today's workout was 80 minutes on the elliptical. Lots of sweat later I felt great!

As for the rest of the day I spent it at my classroom (well only til early afternoon). I pretty much finished cleaning and reorganizing my classroom library! This may not seem like a lot but, I emptied every single bin and sprayed and wiped them down, then reorganized and added more bins due to overflowing bins! I still need to type up some new labels, but as far as the physical organization, it's done!

Science and "series" section...

And all of the others...

Here's a close up:

A lot of my library is leveled based on guided reading. This way after I have my assessments (DRA2) with my students I can target the level at which they are reading and direct them to a letter that is "just right" for them. That doesn't mean this is the only thing that they can read, but they must have a just right book in their folder for independent reading time. This helps to increase their fluency and also various comprehension strategies since at this just right level they should be able to access the material in the book without assistance from someone else.

Well it's time to do some errands this evening. I need to get some good food since I'm running low on some essentials ie: lactaid milk!

My sister is visiting this evening and tomorrow night too I think, so it should be good to see her. As for the rest of the night, I don't have any plans, but think there's a bike ride with some relatives in the am... have to check on this though.

Hope I don't get any bad luck for the rest of the day!

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Abby said...

Hi, Julie! So nice to meet you! I actually haven't taught using it yet, but am in the process of printing out the documents to use this year :) What a great district to work for!