Thursday, August 12, 2010

getting freshhhhh

There were many fresh things today!
First of all I didn't wake up feeling fresh, but knocked myself out of it by forcing myself to visit the gym before a school visit. It's amazing how positive my body feels after moving around... 70 minutes on the elltiptical and I had a fresh new outlook on the day! Love the power of positive thinking+ endorphin kick! (Although I chose not to run... I am giving my body the week off from it I think.)
Came home to shower and felt oh so fresh and clean!
Then it was off to school... not so fresh when I get there, but my library is getting a new fresh look! I bought some new bins, so it's helping to sort out all of the books I've accumulated. Here's the progress I made today:

May not look like much, but literally I've emptied every bin, cleaned the inside with spic and span and made sure the books were put in the bin I wanted, some had to be reworked since I had overflowing bins from last year!

I still have another day of library revamping tomorrow though...

This afternoon I had some more freshness after relaxing this afternoon... I could really get used to reading in the recliner with a nice coolish breeze from the outside!
I got my second wind for spinning this evening and feel so invigorated right now! It was only a 45 minute class of intervals, but we really worked! After a quick shower and a fresh salad... lettuce and tomatoes grown in my yard! And a boca burger accompanied by a fresh batch of my salsa, I am feeling fueled back up... although no more activity today, it's a big brother-project runway-boston med night. For someone who really doesn't watch much tv, I am a tv junkie this evening. :)

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