Monday, August 2, 2010

getting things moving on monday

Happy Monday all! I love Mondays in the summer... in the school year, eh, not so much, haha... although I did go in to school today, but first things first- work out.
I woke up this am around 7:30, this is my normal wake up time, I would love to be able to sleep in til then everyday! Today is a cross training day, so I hit up the gym for a sweet and sweaty 80 minutes of elliptical! woot woot, sometimes I truly love getting a good sweat out, I may not look the best at the end, but I feel great! I followed that up with some upper body lifting, trying to tone my arms a bit, although I'm not sure it's working! It feels good though! Then I went to the mats for my typical ab routine.
While on the elliptical I was watching Rachael Ray and have to mention something odd... she had Chelsea Handler on the show and they alluded to a place that sells "Kitty Wigs"... seriously, who would buy a wig for their cat?! Weird!! But that is just my opinion.
Anyways, after a quick shower it was off to Paxton to my classroom. Today was like the assessment day... what do I need to do to get ready for another school year? As always I take some time just to sit there and think... and think... and think... what do I want this space to look like this year? I still don't know for sure, it kind of ends up being a work in progress, although I have a rough idea of the layout. I decided to take some "before pics" before I started to unwrap and uncover things, just for fun. I am going to have to do a lot of dusting and cleaning out shelves... but I'll do that later this week sometime.

After some cleaning I'm off to tutor for the evening... then it's bachelorette finale tonight! I've thought from the beginning that she's totally into Roberto... but tonight we'll find out who she picks! (ps... I don't think I could ever/ would ever want to be on this show.)

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Caitlyn Clark said...

I don't even know what to do with my classroom. They were supposed to add more "walls" aka: dividers to make the space less noisy since I share it with speech and OT/PT services...

Should probably visit then, huh?