Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye summer vacation

All good things come to an end, but with every ending there is a new beginning. As this summer comes to an end I'm excited for a new school year. Each school year comes with it's challenges but it also comes with it's fun times, getting to know a new group of kids, and trying to make the year better than last one.
I definitely think this year will be better than last. I know that I have 18 kids this year which is fewer than last and in those 18 the case load is less. The ieps I have to adhere to aren't as heavy as last year. That's not to say I don't like a challenge but I'm happy that this year I won't have a 1 on 1 aide in my room. I don't mind collaborating with another person, but she was needier than my student last year which got to be very frustrating.
To end my vacation today I really didn't do anything too exciting. I started the day with a slow and easy wakeup around 8:30, but managed to stretch out breakfast and reading the paper for about an hour, and then it was gym time. Today's workout was 90 minutes on the elliptical with a 2 minute cool down... Totaling about 11.65 miles today. Then I tried to focus on the abs aftter that. Not a super hard workout, but enough.
This afternoon i did some dusting, fun fun, then hit the books. I was determined to get my homework done for my grad class before school begins, so I enjoyed the nice weather outside while doing work. It's definitely warm out, but there was a good breeze in the shade, very relaxing for some reading about disabilities.
Tomorrow is technically the last day of vacation, but it's pretty busy, so Im going to try to relax for the rest of today. Tomorrow I have an early appointment with the orthopedic doctor, finally I will learn more about my knee. Then I plan on going to the gym and will go to school to tie up some loose ends after that. Tuesday is full of teacher meetings and trainings so I want to make sure my room is good to go before that. Then Wednesday I will meet the new crew and start up the three day work week! My body is not used to working, its going to be rough getting back into the routine, but I know I will adjust!
Time to veg out for a bit before dinner! Good bye summer.... Hello year 7 of teaching!

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