Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In "knee"d of an answer

I decided to run today... And ran 7 miles. Good news, but not really. During the run my knee really never felt good. I had about a 3 or a 4 out of 10 on a pain level, it never got worse but the fact it lingered lead me to decide to call the doctor as soon as I got home. I have to go to my primary care in the morning but the nurse said try could take an xray and if need be refer me to an orthopedic, which I'm guessing will happen like it did with my hamstring 2 years ago.
I could have done this a month ago but I tried to fix it myself, now it's time to get professional help to assess the problem, then work on a way of fixing it.
I am anxious to go there because the news may not be great, but I need to know what's happening in my knee!
In other news my classroom is coming along, nearly physically ready. Soon i have to think about curriculum and scheduling and actually figuring out whats going to be taught in the beginning weeks.
Well this is short, but I'm wiped out and ready to rest... I did enjoy an hour yoga class tonight, so I had a happy ending to my day! Now Im going to watch some Glee :)

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