Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long day at sea!

First things first... I changed the look of my blog!
Now for yesterday... Started up early at the gym, 80 minutes on the elliptical! I love working out in the am!
Then it was a long day ahead, off to Gloucester MA! Unfortunately this ended up takin 2.5 hrs instead of 1.5, traffic is one of my pet peaves, I hate sitting in it and we almost missed the boat! But we just made it, got our tickets and boarded the pioneer iv for a day in search of whales!
At the harbor...

Once again the trip to the whales was longer than planned... The whales were off the coast of cape cod, so it took us. About 2 hrs to get to them. Along the way we spotted a basking shark!

It's me at sea!

We had quite the whale show! A family of humpbacks played around for us and the calf even dove under the ship!

After a couple of hours we headed back and didn't get to shore until after 7:30, which meant i didn't get home until around 9:30... And very tired!
I didn't get to bed till 11:00... But I slept in till 8:30 this am! My mom's garden is full of tomatoes, so I made a fresh tomato sauce this morning... It simmered and is delicious if I do say so, and the rents agree!
Then it was gym time! Today is a running day, so I ran the usual 8 miles, but tried to go faster, my last mile was around 6:40, which is an improvement! In total I ran 8.15 miles in 57:19, then tacked on another 1 mi for a cool down. I decided to focus on abs today and did several machines to work my core, then did crunches on the ball and on the mats!
This afternoon was church time and i can say I am honestly wiped out now... But I need to focus on making some dinner before I go lay on my bed... I think tonight is going to be an early pj night!

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