Friday, August 20, 2010

new year, new title

No it's not really new years, but in the life of a teacher the years are different. The end of august should be the time for sparklers as the year comes to a close and a new year begins on September first. Although i don't think i would fare well if I stayed up past midnight to ring in this new year, quite the contrary, it's an early to bed new years eve which leads to little sleep because of excited, anxious, nervous energy for the first day of school. Yes, at the age of 28 I still can't sleepnthe night before the first day.
I was in my classroom again today, surprise surprise, and the new year really hit me. My room is finally back in tact, and today i started photocopying thing for the first week and got the " get to know you" work ready. My 18 students should receive a letter today to let them know I'm their teacher, there's no looking back... Year 7 here I come.
Along with the new year reflections I was thinking about my blog... Its more of my own ramblings, but I think everything really fits into three categories... My life as a teacher, my life as a student, and my life as a runner. Although i guess there's the very little time i have for " fun" so that will be the fourth extra category. Anyways, I really want to use this to keep track of living my life in the healthy way i try to do. I don't intend to teach anyone anything extraordinary here, but rather, use this to reflect at the end of the day, and if someone out there reads something anddp it resonates with them, then great, if not, that's okay too.
As for today's thoughts, i am resting my legs while eagerly waiting to hear my xray results. I had them done on wednesay, and the doc said I'd hear in 1-2 days, so I'm crossing my fingers I heat today, not that it really matters, i am going to an orthopedic in a week, which will have more answers I am sure.
I think my recent knee issues have led me to change the name of my blog too... I really want to be a life long runner, but realize that there are some bumps in the road along the way. I am on a bumpy training road right now, but know that i will perservere. I also have realized that I shouldn't be comparing my training to anyone elses, i am in race with myself and as long as i listen to my body and continue to push myself to my own limitations, then I am fulfilling what I need and want to do. While i am basically committing to not run until I get this knee thing figured out, I have also committed to not let not running hinder my overall healthy lifestyle and physical activity. I love being active and used to associate that with miles logged on the road or treadmill. I have realized that I can get nearly as good a workout using the elliptical or a bike. I have had done awesome rides and have also done spinning classes at my new gym, which is literally 2 minutes from my house, so convenient. At first i was a little skeptical with spin, but have realized that I control the resistance- it's like differentiated instruction on a bike! ( theres the teacher in me). I have also been going to yoga, which I think is more beneficial for a healthy mind, although I know it helps for a healthy body too. I'd be telling a lie if I said I didn't miss running, but i know it's just a long race, so I'll be getting back in the course in time. I am just taking a little scenic detour.
Well thats enough of my rambling for now, i need to venture off to purchase some healthy food so i can make a good dinner, how is the fridge looking so bare again?

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