Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slow moving

Ever have one of those mornings when you just don't want to face the music and get on with the day? That's how I felt this morning. It was totally unlike me to not wake up till 8:45, but it was nice to get a solid night's sleep! I made a special pancake breakfast for my dad, he loves when I make them, plus he had bought some maple syrup in Vermont and the real stuff just is the perfect topper!
I think I then read the paper and did the crossword for like a half hour, I planned to go to the gym, but my body was like "julie we don't want to sweat or move yet..." so i decided to do some other things. It's weird, I love working out but sometimes I just can't light the fire under my butt and get my rear in gear!
So i vacuumed! Fun fun I know, but mom is returning today from Italy so I told dad i would spruce up a bit, not like the house is a mess, but you just to freshen it up a bit! That didn't take too long, so I decided to play in the kitchen again. My moms tomatoes are ripening in the garden and I hate to see them go to waste- i eat them like candy and throw them in salads daily, but wanted to make a dish to use them up. Plus I knew the rents would be starving tonight after getting home from the airport, so this would be a nice refreshing meal or side dish... Pasta salad! Super easy... I diced up tomatoes- cherry and big boys, along with onions. I added in some peas, cooked the penne and threw it all together! For seasoning I kept it simple- oregano, garlic salt, and pepper. I don't like mayo dressing, although put that in a pasta salad, i prefer usin g an Italian dressing ( I used kens) as a marinade. It's chilling in the fridge so it should be perfect this evening! Maybe i will try to upload a pic, since it actually looks pretty too...
So after making that it was about 11:30, gym time! I hit up the elliptical for 80 minutes! Guess my procrastinating paid off! Then I did some crunches and sit ups, lots of stretching, and called it done! There is a spinning class at 5:15 and Ive yet to try it at my new gym, so i may give it a shot! I am going to put the feet up is afternoon and rest, so i think my body will enjoy a little pre dinner spin!
Well, that's all for now... Going to try to take a pretty pic of my pasta dish, we'll see if it works!

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