Thursday, August 5, 2010

a sneezing machine!

Seriously, today I am a lean, mean, sneezing machine! ACHOOOOOO! I keep having sneezing fits despite the claritin I took around 8:30 this morning... this happens from time to time and I just have to deal with it.
The weather and humidity/ muggimess is not making it any easier to deal with... gray skies and sticky feeling isn't fun. Oh well, the good news is I ran in the cool AC this morning and was pretty much sneeze free in the filtered air there! Of course it took me forever to drag my lazy butt there! My mom got home from Italy last night so I was chatting with her this morning and doing the crossword puzzle and wasting time on facebook... but finally left at 10:45.
At the gym I ran for an hour... 8.21 miles! Averaged out to 7:18 pace... then I brought the pace down to liek 7.2 mph and ran/ jogged another mile to cool down. Cooling down is really so important, I like to do it and try to force myself to especially when I have the time.
There is another spinning class tonight... I went last night and loved it! The spin bikes are new and so nice... like them better than my old gym. I don't know if I'm going yet or not, I have some errands to do this afternoon, so we'll see when I get home/ how the legs are feeling later. I need to get random stuff for my classroom today... from a dust pan brush to some plastic files, and it just so happens Trader Joes is on the way to the store I need to go to, so there may be a TJ's trip thrown in there too! :)
Well I neeeeeed to shower and eat... oh yeah, and tomorrow I am going on a whale watch! I am going to try to remember my camera, maybe I will get a pic of a whale to post! :)

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