Monday, August 9, 2010

starting up the week

And so another week begins... sadly there are only three left to the summer! And it's really nearing the end because I have to start to get back into the classroom to clean it and get everything organized for the first day of school... august 31st.
I woke up this morning a little earlier than I've been getting up, around 7 am. I think I needly to slowly start to wake up earlier and earlier so I get back on school schedule. The reason I got up earlier today was so I could go to the gym before heading to my classroom. Unfortunately my knee was wicked sore this morning... probably cause I ran almost 20 miles between sat and sunday... but I told myself just get to the gym at least to fulfill the usual lifting requirement of Monday. Surprisingly I was on the elliptical for 75 minutes and it didn't hurt, not going to complain that my knee feels better now than it did this morning. I also got in the upper body lifting too.
I came home to ice my knee and shower... then it was time to go to my classroom. I cleaned for about 3 hours and had enough, so I came home for some food. Resting up a bit now and tutoring this evening! Hope you all had a great Monday! :)

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