Sunday, August 8, 2010

Toughing out a 10 miler and a fresh and easy salsa!

10 miles sometimes is a stroll in the park... Burt not today. After 2 miles my knee was sore and I really wanted to jumbo off the treadmill and call it a day. My allergiesnwere bothering me and I just felt off today. But I really toughed it out, if my knee got really bad I would have stopped, but until then I just stared ahead and trudged onward. As i ran I kind of kept setting new goals... Just get a half hour done, ok now get to 45 minuetes, ok you've done 45 you can get to an hour... Ok you did an hour you van slow down but try to run a long cool down... And voilà I managed to get to the 10 mile mark in 74:02. Phew, I was really ready to be done. I also realized after that the gym didn't have the fans on, what's up with that?
This afternoon I am lounging big time, I stll just feel off. I just played in the kitchen a bit.... Still trying to find ways to use up moms tomatoes... Today's creation: homemade salsa! In my usual fashion I didn't measure things nor did I follow a recipe, I just put together things that made sense...
4 of moms freshly picked tomatoes
Half a green bell pepper
Half a jalapeño pepper
Half a yellow onion
Bunch of cilantro
Few dashes of garlic salt and pepper
Half a squeezed lime

Basically just finely chopped it all up, now it's chilling in the fridge and getting all the flavors going so i can enjoy it this evening! :)

A handful from the garden...

Ready for some resting in the fridge!

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