Tuesday, August 24, 2010

training some new teachers

I had a flashback today to 7 years ago... because the people I was speaking to were in the same seat, literally, that I was sitting in 7 years ago.
Today was the beginning of new teacher training in my district. This year I was a presenter, not a receiver of information! I am one of the coordinators for the mentor program, so my partner and I were there today to speak to the newbies and inform them about the program that they will be in. It's strange to think that 7 years have gone by since I starting teaching, although I must say that I have learned a lot in those 7 years.
I think it was beneficial for my body to have to be present at these trainings. It sounds bad, but having to be up and in the shower by 6:45 this morning was a shocker to my body. I think this week will be a good training to get back into the school routine!
In order to stay in the schoolish routine I worked out later today, as I would after school during the school year. I noticed that my energy level was lower going to the gym at 4, but after about 15 minutes on the elliptical I perked up a bit and was good to go. I ended up doing 75 minutes on the elliptical and finished just in time to make the 5:30 yoga class. It was really nice tonight since there were only 5 people in the class, so the instructor was able to walk around and really make sure that we were doing the poses accurately. She also answered our questions as we went, which is really helpful. Sometimes you think you're doing something right and you're a little off, which makes a big difference.
I am definitely more tired right now after a full day, compared to some of my lazier days this summer, but it's a good thing... I like having a busy schedule and feeling like I fill my days :)
Tomorrow is going to be another busy day... I am training new teachers for the morning, squeezing in a workout early afternoon, and then starting grad classes again at 4:30 until 9:00... wicked long Wednesdays are coming back!
Time to iron and get ready for tomorrow! Hopefully tomorrow is the last of these chilly days too... I just had some tea to warm me up!

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