Tuesday, August 3, 2010

two work out "twos"day (tuesday)

Helloooooo la, la, la! (Seinfeld... giant ball of oil?!)
Ok, weird mood... must be cause my blood is flowing from anusara yoga! That's right today consisted of two different work outs... the first was a 6 miler this morning. I ran outside to see how my knee felt with normal terrain / pavement... eh not so fab. It really wasn't too fond of the hills, kind of a pulling feeling as I ran up them. But whatever, I ran 6 miles, came home and iced. Then I had a meeting at 10.
I am cochair of the mentor program in our district, so we're trying to get stuff ready for new teachers and mentors for the fall. As a result of this I have a lot of reading and work to do to get ready for the last week of august when we have our new teaching training week, yikes!
After sitting at a desk working on my ipad for about 3 hours we called it a meeting and parted ways... of course I have more work I need to do tonight to finish up what we didn't do there. It's totally worth it though, having a mentor when you're a first year teacher is so much more helpful than being at it alone.
This afternoon was somewhat of a blur... after lunch I proceeded to lay in bed, watch Rachael Ray, and play on facebook for probably too long. Before I knew it I realized I needed to get my butt in gear again for the gym. I wanted to go to yoga class, but wanted to go early so I could get another little cardio session in. I ended up doing 37 minutes on the elliptical and ran into the yoga room just in time for class. It's amazing how great my mind and body feels after class. I love it, only wish my gym had it more than once a week... but there's talk of maybe two classes a week starting the fall, so fingers are crossed!
When I came home I made some dinner... kind of a spin on eggplant parm tonight, but a quick and easy version... I sauteed garlic and onions and threw in large rounds of eggplant, along with some zucchini and squash for color, I like to have a colorful plate! Instead of pasta, which took to long for me to make tonight, I decided to put the veggies along with some (lactose free)cheese in a wheat wrap, then grilled the whole thing pannini style. I had some garlic roasted salsa to dip it in too, very good... writing about it's making me hungry again.. good thing it'll be night time snacking soon! Ta ta for now!

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