Wednesday, August 11, 2010

whirlwind of a wednesday

Busy day today!
This is gonna be quick since Big Brother is on soon and I'm an addict, yup. I get way too hooked in "reality" tv.
So I got up this am and decided not to run... my knee felt better but it's depressing when it hurts, so I wanted to definitely feel good, so I ellipticaled for 70 minutes.
Next up was Paxton. I took some pics today to show just how many books I have and still have to reorganize since I bought more bins. I am crazy and like them all leveled and binned according to genre.

and more books...

at least I cleaned the shelves... they're just waiting to be filled again with books!

So I did more dusting and organizing today and started to tackle cleaning out my big closet.

I also cleaned some "editing phones"... if you're a teacher this is a great idea: go to home depot and buy some pvc elbows... apoxy them together and voila you get "telephones" so the kiddies can read their story or paper out loud and hear themeselves... it's a cheap way to get good results!

some people call them "whisper phones" too:

Another fun thing I have that's a cheap tip is to use shoe racks as my lunch and snack shelves! My kids' cubbies are down the hall, so to minimize clutter and crumbs they put their lunch box/bag here in the am!

After having enough in my classroom I came home... once again chilled a bit and watched a little Oprah. She had a great show on food! It made me realize just how important it is to think first about what you put in your mouth and where it came from!

I signed up for spinning class tonight (another double day!)... there was a 35 minute interval class with Coreyy which was fun and I stayed for Jen's hour class which focused on endurance and strength! I'd say I've had enough for the day... and now it's time to kick back for the evening! (and do laundry... blah) :)

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