Sunday, September 19, 2010

putting the new laptop to good use

I think I am getting my money's worth out of my new macbook... I have been on it like crazy this weekend to do my final paper/ presentation for my theories of learning disabilities class. I know the class isn't over til October, but I volunteered to present on Sept. 29th and I have a busy weekend next weekend, so I was determined to work this weekend. Yesterday I managed to take a 5 pager (I made last week) and stretched it out to 11 pages :) That was after more research of course. I just finished the basics of my powerpoint now, probably should add graphics, but I think I'll put that off til later, I am tirrrred. Before I rest my tired eyes for a bit here's the week in recap form:
Monday (9/13)- am gym workout- 50 min on elliptical-school- parents night/ crazy hail storm
Tuesday- school-pt (got a dexamethosone patch- steroids sent into my knee, don't notice much of a change- went to gym, elliptical again- 1:22
Wednesday-am gym workout- 1 hr on elliptical- school- grad school(midterm!-thought i did well though) made it home by 9 and caught the big brother finale- bummed that survivor is on Wednesdays now though
Thursday- exhausted- school- gym-elliptical 1:25 (somehow i feel so much better and invigorated after working out! but didn't do spin, wanted to go home to eat dinner, i was hungry!)
Friday- finally! - easyish day at school, but magazine drive rally made it a little more nuts... went to the gym afterwards for 1:17 on elliptical- called it a night early
Saturday- couldn't sleep in, got up and went to spin at 8:30- should do this more! then followed it up with an hour on the elliptical- banged out my paper, did errands/ shopping, church with fam, more work/ tv/ resting :)
Sunday (9/19)- slept in! didn't wake up/ get up til 9... went to gym after bfast, did 1:25 on elliptical, with lots of stretching and abs. just worked for nearly 3 hours on grad school stuff... i think i earned a nap! probably will lay down and maybe catch some of the Pats game in a bit. Then thinking about starting up another week tomorrow! Oh yeah, and I registered for a 50 mile bike ride next weekend with my uncles... haven't exactly spent a lot of time in the saddle, but I am still in decent shape. :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

lots of stuff in a list

Ok so now that the school year has begun, my blogging has taken a back seat, as it should... I have more important things going on that I need to be doing; however, I find that blogging has helped me reflect on things, so I want to keep track of what's going on in my life and what's on my mind... however, with the lack of time this weekend, I am going to bring the weekly recap in a list/ bullet form.
- busy as usual, used my flip cam- kids love it, would post videos, but can't do it online of my kiddos
-parents' night tomorrow night- made a powerpoint, ready to speak to the parents, i hope
-mentoring going well, found out this week i am getting paid for it too :)
-loving my class, with the usual busy bodies of course, but not as busy as usual
-picture day was this week, I forgot... fortunately they only do a head shot, but I usually plan a better outfit. :/
-Grad School
- ahead of the game, got a start on my paper on nonverbal learning disabilities
-midterm exam this week, yikes! but it's open book, so i bookmarked tons of pages last night for quick looking up!
-need to study/ review a little, will do that tuesday night
-can't believe it's halfway through the course
-basically ellipticalled every day last week- ranged from short days of 45 min to longer days of 90 min
-feeling pretty good overall, been icing the knee and wearing my strap
-starting pt on tuesday (finally)
-hoping to get back to spinning, but meetings/ parents night messing it up for this week
- still plan to do the 50 mile ride on sept 26th
-don't have time for much of a life outside of being a teacher and student right now, but trying to when i can
-went to nh yesterday and bought a new laptop...macbook :) which i am on right now... love the fact that i don't have to wait about 12 minutes for it to start up, the old dell from 2004 is on it's last leg
-spent hours today transferring files from my old dell, want to get everything off of it before it dies

So that's about all I got for the week... I feel like I am working a lot lately, but I don't mind it, I'm enjoying school, both teaching and learning and the extra work is helping with that. I really like being in my classroom a lot more this year than last, it sounds bad but the aide in my room last year was such a debbie downer that it got annoying.
As for the rest of this evening, I think I need to give myself a break from the computer and work... good thing big brother is on! Oh yeah, and how could I forget the pats won today? Not like I am a superfan, but I do like it when the hometeam wins. Although I must say that if I ran into #75 on the street I think I would run fast in the other direction, that guy is a beast!
Here's a pic of my new toy/ tool :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st week back recap

Due to my lack of blogging action you could assume I was super busy, if you assumed this, you were correct. Even though I've had many first days of third grade, every year is different. The kids always bring different things to the table and it takes a little to get to know their strengths and weaknesses as well as their likes and dislikes.
Day 1 started off well, there's something about the first day that is so fresh- a blank slate for all complete with the essential "first day outfit"... Yes i did debate over this for a while, but settled on a new blue skirt and black top... And due to 90 degree weather flip flops were in full effect too.
As always, the kids are cute. We pick them up in the gym where they file in off the bus or are dropped off by their parents. Of course, some parents stay there and take pictures and try to get to know me, which i don't mind.
Being in a new hallway, you'd think the kids were on a new planet, they lack the ability to realize where they are relative to the rest of the school, so as always, i gave them the "tour" and how to get to parts of the school from where we now are. It's really important to use the beginning of the year to set good routines and rules. This creates a lot of talking from me, which i hate being the one doing all the talking but it's necessary.
As the day went on the kids settled in and one boy asked me how old i was. Very seriously I answered- 55, he said okay and went on snacking. I had to stop him and tell him i was kidding--- there's no way me, 28, could pass for 55.
Days 2 and 3 were similar to 1, although i had grad school from 4:30 to 9 the first day of school which made me work out in the am that day, i goy up and was at the gym at 5:30! I need to do this weekly. Thursday and friday i went to the gym after school and thursday i managed to do a strength training spin class which was killer- in a good way.
It's nice having the gym close to home. I can come home and change here without wasting time. By the time i got done working out last night i was beat. But i managed to do some grad school work before calling it a night. I did sleep a little late this morning though, like 8:30 before i woke up, that's a little over 9 hours sleep, guess i needed it. I made pancakes when i got up and hit the gym around 10. I was on the elliptical for 80 minutes, which was a lit over 8 miles. Ive been busy since- food shopping, lunch, and lesson planning. I need to go to church soon, then gotta go to target for a few forgotten school supplies and a new hair dryer. Then will probably do more work after dinner! Planning to have some fun tomorrow though, so i don't mind working tonight. :)