Sunday, September 12, 2010

lots of stuff in a list

Ok so now that the school year has begun, my blogging has taken a back seat, as it should... I have more important things going on that I need to be doing; however, I find that blogging has helped me reflect on things, so I want to keep track of what's going on in my life and what's on my mind... however, with the lack of time this weekend, I am going to bring the weekly recap in a list/ bullet form.
- busy as usual, used my flip cam- kids love it, would post videos, but can't do it online of my kiddos
-parents' night tomorrow night- made a powerpoint, ready to speak to the parents, i hope
-mentoring going well, found out this week i am getting paid for it too :)
-loving my class, with the usual busy bodies of course, but not as busy as usual
-picture day was this week, I forgot... fortunately they only do a head shot, but I usually plan a better outfit. :/
-Grad School
- ahead of the game, got a start on my paper on nonverbal learning disabilities
-midterm exam this week, yikes! but it's open book, so i bookmarked tons of pages last night for quick looking up!
-need to study/ review a little, will do that tuesday night
-can't believe it's halfway through the course
-basically ellipticalled every day last week- ranged from short days of 45 min to longer days of 90 min
-feeling pretty good overall, been icing the knee and wearing my strap
-starting pt on tuesday (finally)
-hoping to get back to spinning, but meetings/ parents night messing it up for this week
- still plan to do the 50 mile ride on sept 26th
-don't have time for much of a life outside of being a teacher and student right now, but trying to when i can
-went to nh yesterday and bought a new laptop...macbook :) which i am on right now... love the fact that i don't have to wait about 12 minutes for it to start up, the old dell from 2004 is on it's last leg
-spent hours today transferring files from my old dell, want to get everything off of it before it dies

So that's about all I got for the week... I feel like I am working a lot lately, but I don't mind it, I'm enjoying school, both teaching and learning and the extra work is helping with that. I really like being in my classroom a lot more this year than last, it sounds bad but the aide in my room last year was such a debbie downer that it got annoying.
As for the rest of this evening, I think I need to give myself a break from the computer and work... good thing big brother is on! Oh yeah, and how could I forget the pats won today? Not like I am a superfan, but I do like it when the hometeam wins. Although I must say that if I ran into #75 on the street I think I would run fast in the other direction, that guy is a beast!
Here's a pic of my new toy/ tool :)

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