Sunday, September 19, 2010

putting the new laptop to good use

I think I am getting my money's worth out of my new macbook... I have been on it like crazy this weekend to do my final paper/ presentation for my theories of learning disabilities class. I know the class isn't over til October, but I volunteered to present on Sept. 29th and I have a busy weekend next weekend, so I was determined to work this weekend. Yesterday I managed to take a 5 pager (I made last week) and stretched it out to 11 pages :) That was after more research of course. I just finished the basics of my powerpoint now, probably should add graphics, but I think I'll put that off til later, I am tirrrred. Before I rest my tired eyes for a bit here's the week in recap form:
Monday (9/13)- am gym workout- 50 min on elliptical-school- parents night/ crazy hail storm
Tuesday- school-pt (got a dexamethosone patch- steroids sent into my knee, don't notice much of a change- went to gym, elliptical again- 1:22
Wednesday-am gym workout- 1 hr on elliptical- school- grad school(midterm!-thought i did well though) made it home by 9 and caught the big brother finale- bummed that survivor is on Wednesdays now though
Thursday- exhausted- school- gym-elliptical 1:25 (somehow i feel so much better and invigorated after working out! but didn't do spin, wanted to go home to eat dinner, i was hungry!)
Friday- finally! - easyish day at school, but magazine drive rally made it a little more nuts... went to the gym afterwards for 1:17 on elliptical- called it a night early
Saturday- couldn't sleep in, got up and went to spin at 8:30- should do this more! then followed it up with an hour on the elliptical- banged out my paper, did errands/ shopping, church with fam, more work/ tv/ resting :)
Sunday (9/19)- slept in! didn't wake up/ get up til 9... went to gym after bfast, did 1:25 on elliptical, with lots of stretching and abs. just worked for nearly 3 hours on grad school stuff... i think i earned a nap! probably will lay down and maybe catch some of the Pats game in a bit. Then thinking about starting up another week tomorrow! Oh yeah, and I registered for a 50 mile bike ride next weekend with my uncles... haven't exactly spent a lot of time in the saddle, but I am still in decent shape. :)

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