Saturday, October 23, 2010

another week in the books... and hitting the books again.

Last Wednesday I finished course #4, which means this past Wednesday I began course #5... which means today I had lots of fun reading to do, and yes that is sarcastic; while I love learning, today's reading from a textbook wasn't exactly pleasure reading. But nonetheless, I love learning and the other homework I have to do for the week isn't bad. I have to do some student profiles/ case study stuff which will lead to a larger project. The good news about this course (Advanced Analysis of Reading and Language Arts) is that there is no midterm or final! I've had several courses with midterms and finals during this degree... I hadn't taken a midterm or final since undergrad at Stonehill! While I'm used to the testing thing again, the idea of a course without a test for this half a semester sounds nice! After this course, I will officially be half way complete with my CAGS degree... although I technically will only have 3 more courses to go, then a practicum :)
As for this week, other than grad school, it was busy. I have to say my class this year is a lot easier than last year. I think all of the needs in the room, plus the chemistry of the group just made for a challenging crew that drained a lot of my energy. I find myself enjoying being in my room a lot more this year, which is great.
Unfortunately still no running this week... but I've been an elliptical machine. (haha, literally.) I use it as my daily cardio... ranging from 60- 90 minutes on it. I went to the physical therapist again this week, which meant more ultrasound, plus another iontophresis (sp?) patch put on my knee for 24 hrs. The pt also gave me more exercises to add to my routine. I can add weights to my lunges and she has me doing some squats now too. I feel like my knee is getting stronger... but am not going to push it with a run yet. I don't have the ortho again til the second week in November, so I am going to wait til a few days before that to try a couple (easy) runs.
Other than that, I really have nothing exciting going on. I feel like I am at a point where I am ready for a change... possibly moving sooner than I thought? I don't know, but recently I have the itch to move out again. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that my parents are letting me live at home again, but at the same time sometimes it's just too busy here and I feel like I can't do my work or relax. I also feel like I really don't have much space to call my own, other than my room, which I hate living in all the time, but at the same time when I am home I'm usually in here... or the kitchen, or the bathroom!
I've started to look at places... I don't think I want to jump into anything yet, but feel like maybe I should be thinking about it for the spring if I find something I like? I know I said I didn't want to rent again, but at the same time, I don't really want to invest in a house/ condo if in a couple years I could relocate depending on the uncertainty of my future. So in a way I don't see renting as wasting money, but rather buying myself a little more time until I definitely want to commit to a certain location for many years.
I've managed to save a considerable amount... and could save more, but feel like why should I just keep saving and saving? I mean you know the old saying "you can't take it with you?" Why not live and enjoy someplace while I'm here- I don't know, I guess I'm in a carpe diem kind of mood right now! Either that or I watch way too much hgtv- house hunters, property virgins, my first place... it's all making me want to be back on my own again!
Well it's time to go make some dinner, then perhaps some more apartment hunting online!
Baby shower tomorrow! :) Maybe I'll remember my camera and actually post some pics! I know blogs with pictures are more fun, but when I'm somewhere having fun I really don't like to take a lot of pics... I'd rather live in the moment... but a baby shower has a lot of sitting around, and my family is huge so there will be a lot of present opening, good time to play photographer!

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