Sunday, October 17, 2010

a numbers game

I am all about numbers, I've love math my whole life and actually wanted to be a math teacher when I was younger... of course that was until I was a senior in high school and took AP Calc... that kind of turned me off from math for a while. However, I do love it once again and get to teach it every day (of course it's a lot easier than ap calc!)
Not only do I teach math daily, but also I am doing math daily in my head... usually while running. I have a habit of looking at time and calculating splits in my head. I am also super-schedule oriented, so I'm always planning the day and dividing up the time I have left. I think teaching little ones makes you value every minute; my school day is pretty much divided into 15 minute intervals- you have to consistently mix the day up or you lose their attention!
But today I am not talking about running, schedules, or teaching, I am talking about shopping.
Ok so this isn't that big of a deal, but I really played the numbers game today at cvs. Here's the thing- I needed to buy body wash and a baby shower card. I was planning on going to Target, but found in my purse two coupons for $3 at cvs... only catch I had to spend $10. I also saw a $1 coupon in the paper for the body wash I needed. Now I am no big coupon clipper, but today I had fun trying to save money and think I may look for these deals more often!
So I went to cvs and picked up the bodywash I needed... originally $5.99, on sale for $4.99, plus I had $1 off! Then I found a card; however, I hadn't spent $10, so I figured I'd buy some more vitamins... I'll use them sooner or later when my bottle runs out! AND score... they were buy 1 get 1 free! So I got 2 bottles for $7! I also had to pick up a bag of mints (nobody likes a teacher with bad breath!).... Ok so here are the numbers after the cashier rang it up: $23.98... gave her the 3 coupons I had, then she scanned my rewards card, and like magic the number went down to $7.15! I felt like I got a real steal... I mean that's like way over 50% off my original sale!
Ok so maybe I am way too enthused for that savings spree; however, small things make me happy. I still haven't completed all of the errands I need to do... next stop is Target- cvs is too expensive for certain things!
The other number I want to mention today is 97. That is the number of minutes that I ellipticalled today! This is the longest I have done since the accident. I did this at a slower clip and ended up doing 12 miles, so that was around 8:05 pace. This isn't quick, but I got a good sweat out and didn't leave too fatigued. I think there's something to be said about going a little longer at an easier pace. Obviously I would have rather run this length and not ellipticalled it, but like I said yesterday, just gotta keep going on the road to recovery and stay positive!
It's looking like the numbers aren't going well for the Pats...
As for the rest of the day it's looking like more school work to get down in addition to my Target break, plus getting stuff ready for another busy week! I start my 5th course in my CAGS program this week too! When this one is done it's the half way point, woohoo!
Happy Sunday and end to the week! --If only tomorrow was a day off too!

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