Monday, October 18, 2010

yes, i qualified for the boston marathon... and no i am not running, by choice.

Can we say holy craziness batman? The Boston Marathon opened today for registration at 9 am and by 5:03 it was full! That's nuts!
I qualified for boston in my first marathon, running a 3:21... and the plan was going to be to run Boston in 2011; however, I decided over the weekend, that this is not meant to be. I am not ready to focus on training for another marathon right now. Instead my goal is to finish my physical therapy for my knee, let my injuries from my bike crash fully heal, and then focus on getting back into a running/ training program again. Don't get me wrong, I haven't skipped a beat relative to overall fitness; however, being able to log real miles again instead of all x-training stuff will feel good.
I think at this point my body is best fit for the half marathon, so after I am fully healed, I plan to build up to focus on this race. Ideally I would like to talk to a coach/ have someone help me to train smarter, not necessarily harder. I work very hard; however, sometimes I know a shorter and quicker track workout may be better than a 10 mile run. At first though I am going to ease my way back into running- before I start any hard core training.
I am really shocked though that the marathon sold out in 8 hours today and part of me thinks it's absolutely crazy. I know it's a great race and full of tradition, but still I don't think any race should be this selective- and part of it is they reserve so many numbers to make people raise money for charity. I fully support raising money for charity, but this seems like backwards thinking... hmm I didn't get into Boston, but if I raise $1000 then I can run? If I were to run a race for charity it would be thinking the other way... I'd like to raise money for x organization, and this seems like a good way to do it. My family actually did this for the Crohn's and Colitiis Foundation a couple of years ago, although it was for a walk in Boston, not a race.
Well I guess that's the end to my Boston rant... I still wish good luck to everyone who's running it and probably will run it someday myself too; however, I don't think the marathon bug is in my body right now. Breaking 1:30 in the half was a pretty good feat for me and I think with a little training and coaching I could creep down into the range near 1:25... so that's going to be my next focus when my body allows me! (Listen to your body... I've learned this over the years!)
As for today, it was a decent day at work... busy of course, but good! I made my trek to the gym after a quick stop at home to change and banged out 75 minutes on the elliptical. Then I did some upper body lifting! And my back didn't hurt while doing it!!! I've had some knee physical therapy exercises to do, which I did, and did some abs... they didn't hurt my back either!
But just to be safe I am now heating my back since it's a little sore and icing my knee- the doctor wants me to do this daily, so I am trying to be a good patient!
Randomness of the day... I got a letter to be a part of a study for people who have recently taken pain killers, I would have gotten paid $50 to do it... but have to decline because you have to have had taken the drugs for 3+ months and I only had to use them for 3 days :) Oh well!
Time to get some work done before finally resting for the evening!

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