Saturday, November 13, 2010

broke 5!

Ok so a few months ago 5 miles was a wicked easy day; 15 miles was more like a good run. However, coming back from an injury can be tough and breaking the 5 mile mark today was a big success, especially because it felt good.
First things first... I could really get used to having Thursdays off; going to school Friday was a breeze knowing the weekend was almost here again! Woohoo!
Today has panned out to be a beautiful day, in more ways than one. I was able to get a good night's sleep, then got some errands done this morning.
Then it was gym time. I was able to run 5.3 miles in 39:00! Not only is that a decent pace for my 2nd week back, the fact I was able to break the 5 mile mark today was a good accomplishment. I am about to ice my knee, it's not bothering me, but plan on doing so more as a preventative measure. The new shoes are feeling good too; love my asics. While it would have been an awesome day for a run out in the sunshine, at least I had the sun shining on my back while I ran on the treadmill! :) After being a rat on the mill, I shot over to the elliptical for another 41 minutes... total of 80 minutes of cardio today, not too shabby! Then it was lots of stretching and abs before calling it a day at the gym.
This afternoon is going to be filled with icing, work, and church. Not too exciting; however, what is exciting is that I may be signing a lease tomorrow! I am planning on moving and have been searching around... and may end up moving back to where I used to live! I have an appointment to see the exact unit tomorrow; however, probably won't be able to move in until the last week of December, as someone is moving out, then they paint and clean it, etc. Still, it's exciting to think about, although I'm not going to lie, I will miss being able to save mucho dolares each month! But... I think I need to face the music- I'm 28 years old and really don't want to be living with the rents any more! It's time to be a big girl again! Fortunately I still have most of my furniture from before and will just need to pick up a few minor things to furnish the apartment- but this means I need to think about collecting all of my belongings which are being stored here, there, and everywhere!
Well it's ice time kids, have a great second half of the sunny Saturday! :)

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