Wednesday, November 24, 2010

easy as pie (crust)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
And a happy one it's been.. who wouldn't love the entire day off from school, that's right no school today, tomorrow, or Friday... we're talking 5 day weekend people, I could get used to this.
What to do on your day off? Sleep in. And by sleeping in, I mean sleep in until 7:45. That is sleeping in to me!
After a relaxing breakfast, and making breakfast for my brother too, I caught up on laundry and then hit up the grocery store for some last minute ingredients pre-Thanksgiving cooking/ baking.
Then it was gym time! It was so nice to be able to relax there, not a lot of people and I kind of lost track of time (is that possible on the elliptical?)... and wound up on it for an hour and a half! Then I did some abs to round out the workout. Didn't run today because I ran 5.15 miles yesterday and plan to run tomorrow! :)
This afternoon was slightly lazy, but I'm okay with that after nearly 2 hours spent at the gym. I watched tv (Rachael Ray) while having lunch... then it was pie time! (hence the title of today's post.)
My mom is no baker by any means, but this is one recipe she's taught me that's pretty fool proof and super easy... a pie crust with only 3 ingredients.
-2 cups flour
- 1/2 cup oil (I used canola)
- 1/4 cup milk
All you do is mix them together; then form it into two even balls with your hands and roll em out baby! So simple.
The filling is easy too...
macintosh apples, peeled and cut
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
dash of nutmeg
cinnamon-- don't really know the amount, i just sprinkle and stir til all the apple pieces are coated.

Put the filling in the crust, pop it into the oven and voila- Thanksgiving dessert is done about an hour later. Unfortunately with a pie you can't really taste test it, but I've made this so many times, I know it will be good.
I put foil around the edges for the first 20 minutes so it doesn't burn!

The rest of the afternoon I spent helping my mom set up for tomorrow... we're having people to our house for Thanksgiving dinner, so the usually cleaning and prep had to be done! And yes, of course I had to go to the store again for yet something else we forgot... I really hope that's the last time, although seeing how the stores are pretty much closed tomorrow, I don't think we have a choice but to be ready!

This evening I am laying low... I still have no voice and feel so-so. This cold/ laryngitis isn't getting the best of me, but it's still making me a little more tired than usual; partially because I'm not sleeping well since I cough all night long! My body knows I'm on vacation so it figures, ok now you can get sick!

Looking forward to tomorrow... I am a sucker for watching the Macy's Day Parade- partially due to tradition, but will be watching part of it at the gym in the morning- my gym is open 7-11, so the plan is to get there by 9ish and get a solid workout in (with a run) and then come home to help cook!

Another great thing about today is I don't have class tonight; usually Wednesday evenings are spent sitting at a desk... bonus to be in my pj's instead! :)

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