Sunday, November 28, 2010

the end of the long weekEND.

It's crazy how going into a 5 day weekend it seems like such a long time off from school, but now that it's Sunday evening already, it's crazy how fast it flew by!
Not only was Thanksgiving restful and enjoyable with the fam, but also the days after it were quite wonderful, despite fighting off a cold.
Friday I was actually productive- I managed to venture up into the attic and start to pull stuff down for the big move!... which isn't for a few weeks, but I want to get stuff ready and see what I need to buy/ ask Santa for so I am ready to go on my own again :)
I managed to spend about an hour going up and down from the garage to the attic taking down boxes of things, from plates to pots to linens! I also got school work and grad school work done and managed to carve out some time to watch Elf :)
Saturday's main event was the 10 year high school reunion... which I was in charge of. My friend and I were class officers so we had to plan it. We had it at a local Irish pub in the city, which worked out well. I was most worried that the money I had to put up wouldn't get paid back, but it did and then some, so we were in the clear! Only about a third of our graduating class came, but according to the feedback we've received, a good time was had! It was good to see people... interesting to see others; it's kind of true I guess that some people don't change much... we'll leave it at that.
As for today, I started it up with a morning run at the gym... longest one yet- 8.1 miles in 60:00! Although I have to say my legs are a little sore right now, since I ran just over 6 yesterday too. But I don't think it's anything a little ice and heat won't cure. I went out to lunch today too at Qdoba and was excited to see that a Panera is being built in the Millbury plaza! I am not a huge fan of food chains, but love Panera.
It's back to the grind tomorrow, which means I probably should get some more work done tonight and look over the week's plans so I am ready to go! How crazy is it too that it will be December this week... and there's less than 4 weeks until Christmas! (And I haven't done any shopping!!)

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