Sunday, November 7, 2010

happy world run day!

Ok so usually Sunday is the day of the long run... but I'm happy to just say I was able to run on world run day! I may have only done 4.3 miles... but I RAN! Second day in a row. Hope you all took advantage of world run day, if you could and got out (or in at the gym) and spread the running love!
Wondering why I am so happy? Well, I've had a bout with patellar tendonitis, so I've had to basically take the summer and beginning of fall off from running, something I LOVE. But the good news is with the addition of a patella strap and lots of ice, it seems to not be flaring up right now.
In addition to the extra hour of sleep last night, I also am thrilled that my gym pushed the am spin class back an hour! So I was able to run, then do spin!
I haven't mounted the bike since my accident, so I figured just getting back into on the spin bike is a safe bet... really no way I can crash! My bike is fixed now though and plans are to try to put it on my trainer today so I can ride it during the week in a safe spot... aka my cellar.
After I'm done icing it's going to be a fun trip to Market Basket. I made my weekly stop at Trader Joe's yesterday, but find that some things are just cheaper at MB and I am all about saving a dollar or two!
Then it's going to be homework for the afternoon in addition to probably checking in on the Pats as well.
This week is only a four day week... Veterans' Day on Thursday!
Also, tomorrow is an orthopedic appointment... we'll see what he says, then I can kind of get in my head a better plan for where I'm headed with regards to my training program.
In other news, I can not wait to move again... I'm really hoping that even though my apartment should be repainted, etc. by Jan 1st, that it is ready by Christmas break week... I'd love to be able to move when I have the week off, otherwise, it's going to be busy squeezing it in with school, class, and life! (I'd also like to move in asap because even though I love my family, when everyone is here and home- like this weekend, plus my bro's gf... the house is just too full. AND too loud. I am not a greedy person, except when it comes to sleep... and when the house is noisy and I can't get my zzzzzs, I am not a happy camper! Looking forward to being able to go to bed at a decent hour... a quiet place where I can actually read/ research for class without having to wear headphones or turn my tv up really loud to drone out the noises around me... a refrigerator where I can stock it with good food that I know won't get eaten on me... and just my own space again!
Oh well, 7 more weeks... I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. (On the plus side, it's 7 more weeks of rent-free living?!) While it's definitely nice to not have to pay rent, I think I'm ready to make the sacrifice and not save a ton a month for the exchange of more of my own freedom!

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