Monday, November 1, 2010

hello novembrrrrrr

And yes, I do mean brrrr.... the first day of November came in as a chilly one!
So once again I feel like I am falling off the blogging bandwagon... but it seems as the year gets going I have to prioritize and sometimes that means putting this on the back burner so I can teach a full day of school, get in a good workout, go to class or do work to prepare for grad class, attend mentor meetings and pt appointments, and try to have something of a social life if there is any time left. Easier said than done.
Let's recap... I'm still ellipticalling daily; however, at the end of this week I need to run, and yes NEED, as in the doctor has ordered it. I go back to the orthopedic on Monday, so I need to have a couple of short runs done so I can report to him on how the knee is feeling.
In other news... when I last wrote I was thinking of moving; well I've also taken on house/ apartment hunting more aggressively. I love my family dearly, but it's time for me to be on my own again. I've called/ looked at places in Auburn, Holden, and Worcester, but realize that for location purposes and in order to try to limit the amount of driving I'd have to do to get to school, gym, grad school, etc. it makes sense to stick to the Worcester- tatnuck area. This is a really nice part of Worcester AND it's close to one of the best places to eat in the area... CORNER GRILLE! So after searching around and thinking, I realized I think I may decide to move back into the old complex I was living in 2 years ago. Although, I have decided to get a smaller apartment, since I know it's just going to be me living there, which I don't mind, in fact I like being on my own... although in the future I would like to have someone to spend life with!
So there's a picture of the kitchen... before I moved in last time (although I won't be in the same apartment, it will look the same without the loft above it.
Here's another view of the kitchen... although with some teammates during our new years party in 08... I'm looking forward to being able to have people over again; it's kind of strange/ hard to have company when it's at your parents' house! I still haven't signed a lease or given a deposit; but since the owner knows me and knows I am good tenant he welcomed me back... unfortunately the apartment size that I want (855 ft) isn't available at the moment... someone is going to be moving out at the end of the month and into a larger unit, then my unit will have to be cleaned, painted, etc.... so he said at the very latest the apartment for me will be ready on Jan. 1st. Ideally, I'd love for it to be ready the last week of December so I can move in during my Christmas break... either way it will be a nice Christmas gift to me!

Also, I got my bike fixed, so now I am able to ride her again! Too bad the weather is getting chilly... but at least I can still put her on the trainer and not have to worry about crashing and falling off!
Well, even though I have a professional development day tomorrow, I still have some work I need to get done. At least I wrote something though... perhaps a new year's resolution will be to increase my blogging? Even though I really don't have anything of much value for others to read here, it's a nice outlet for me! :)

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