Sunday, November 21, 2010

lucky 7

As I've said before... 7 is my favorite and therefore, lucky number.

This all started back when I was a freshman in high school and I had to pick my soccer number. Since I was a frosh and a low man on the totem pole, I kind of only had a choice of the "leftovers"... 7 looked good and it was lucky 7 ever since for me.
I was #7 for all four years of soccer in high school, then kept the streak of 7 alive and was #7 for four years of college soccer too!

Now I just like the number 7... even though I no longer wear it on a daily basis. 7 is pretty much the ideal number of miles I'd like to run daily, just for a fun run. Clearly it's not super far, but getting back into training due to the patellar tendonitis problems over the summer, 7 miles is another milestone in coming back. I am really trying to make a conscious effort not to increase my mileage too much too soon, but believe me it's hard. I've found a way to fix this wanting to go farther by setting the treadmill for a certain amount of minutes before I begin to run, then the belt will stop and I can't go more. (unless of course I reset it.)

Yesterday I managed to run just over 6 miles, so today I wanted to do a little more- Sunday is supposed to be the "long run day" isn't it? So I thought, if I had it in me, then I was going to top yesterday's mileage. I set the treadmill for 41 minutes... knowing that there would then be an added 5 minutes on there for a cool down, and knew I could bang out a little more than 6 in that 46 minutes... which I did: 6.16. Then the belt stopped. I thought I should do a better cool down, so I ran an 8 min mile to cool down... daily total: 7.16! My logged running miles was less this week than last; however, I only ran 3 days, so that's expected. I am fighting off getting/ being sick, so I am happy to have done what I did. ( I even added 30 minutes easy on the elliptical after running!)

Other good-ish news is that my voice is making a comeback today- sort of. Yesterday it sounded like I had laryngitis, which I very well may have; however, today the squeaks coming out of my mouth resemble more of a voice and I am able to hold a somewhat normal conversation.-- Let's just say I had a really hard time ordering at the deli yesterday!! I have tried to up the vitamin c and have had a lot of tea- this definitely seems to help; breathing in the steam seems to clear my head too!

I am grateful for only a 2 day week coming up, especially since I am sort of sick, I know I can get through just two days! I am ready for this week as far as work goes, so I think the rest of the day is going to be some tv watching. Usually I am not so lethargic, but I think my body is in fight mode. I was even able to sit through a movie "The Holiday" and plan to watch "The Amazing Race" tonight, in addition to "The Next Iron Chef" marathon that's on now, with the finale this evening!

I'm going to play chef in the kitchen in about an hour; my mom brought home some fresh basil, so I am going to make a whole wheat veggie pizza! It's the chilly type of day when having a nice warm oven sounds like a plan. Plus homemade veggie pizzas are super delish and taste even better after getting a run in!

Time to check in on the Pats, then a little nap before mustering up the energy to get cooking in the kitchen!

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