Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mid week blog? whoa.

Yes, I know I am surprised to have carved out a few minutes o' time mid-week to blog, but I am actually caught up with work (well minus the report cards I haven't started yet, but plan on doing that later and finishing them up on Thursday/ this weekend; gotta love the holiday in the week- Thank you veterans!!
Anyways, I wanted to update that I went to the orthopedic yesterday and he gave me the go ahead to get back into training, woohoo! I told him the update on my recent runs and he seems convinced that as long as I am diligent with icing and just slowly getting back into running, then I can go ahead and do it. I have totally kept in good shape throughout this multi-month running drought; so trying to run isn't a probably cardio-wise, but it's amazing how my body isn't used to the pounding and jostling! I love it, but I ran again today and my back is now a little sore and can feel some pain in my shins; after I fold some laundry I will be icing my legs- knees AND shins. Although the knee feels good, I am going to ice it regardless for a while, just in case there's an inflammation. I am also being good about wearing the strap; it seems to help! Today's run was nothing crazy, just 4 miles in 30:18... so around a 7:35 pace, but I started around 7:51 and got as low as 7ish at the end. I don't want to go too hard and mess up my legs, but at the same time cardio-wise my body is like "Julie, would you move it you slow poke!" Haha, but I am trying to be good and keep things under control. I followed it up with a half mile, wicked slow, around 9:22 pace just to let my legs slow down. Then I hit up the elliptical for 45 minutes! I probably wouldn't have done as long normally, but I am going to get back into Wednesday being my off day or really easy day, just to give my legs more of a rest and this is the day that I am booked solid, so it works out. The plan is just do an easy 45-60 min bike ride tomorrow am on my bike before school... of course then I have a full day at school and 4.5 hrs of class! BUT- I get to sleep in on Thursday! Again, thank you veterans!
Well nothing else special to report, but a funny story- one of my students today was working on a writing piece and came up to me to say..."I know my family went to Plymouth and we saw a special rock with a special name, but I can't remember what it's called," me- "Do you mean Plymouth Rock?" student- "Hahaha, oh yeah, I forgot!" too cute and funny; I wish some days I only had to worry about my own class and not the petty politics that goes on in the rest of the school; still frustrated with the lack of correspondence of my colleague and my other colleague was out today too, so once again I was the only third grade teacher in the building, so I was commanding the show and helping out 2 subs... makes for a long day!
Well I gotta get my laundry folded so I can get icing... and then treat myself to a full hour of a new episode of Glee! :)

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