Sunday, November 14, 2010

signed my lease!

Good news today- I'll officially be moving in about a month! I signed my lease this afternoon and will be moving in about a month! Technically the lease doesn't begin until January 1st; however, I should be able to move in the week of Christmas break. Can't wait to visit IKEA again and make the apartment fun and cozy!
I went over to look at the apartment this afternoon, which was good, although seeing how I lived in the same complex a couple of years ago there weren't any surprises, I knew my way around quite well! It comes with all appliances- still looking pretty new, they're from 2007 when the building was built- a washer and dryer right there in my unit (major selling point, I'm not about saving quarters!), a nice large bed room, then a living room/ dining area. I like the kitchen too because the main counter is kind of like an island with an overhang, so I can use my bar stools again. Another perk of this unit is that it is on the ground floor, two doors to the left, so it will be a lot easier moving! Last time I was on the third floor. While it was nice to be high up and have a good view, it was also a large haul when I was moving in. Fortunately there was an elevator, but I won't miss using it! While it's not a super-hip place downtown, I kind of enjoy the area because it is more quiet and peaceful. I used to wake up to wild turkeys when I was living there before. However, there is an airport nearby, but it's really never used, so I am not too worried about air traffic.
I guess location, location, location is true. I got this apartment because of it's location. I will now be 5.5 miles from where I teach, (estimated 12 minutes driving time), 5.5 miles from where I take classes- in the other direction though (about 13 minutes driving time), 5.6 miles (14 minutes driving time) from my parents' house, and 5.8 miles from my gym (14 minute drive). (Yes I google mapped them all.)
Aside from signing my paycheck away for the next year, I also went to the gym this morning. I was able to run again today, 5.95 miles in 43:00. Then I went on the elliptical for another 30 minutes. My knee is a teeny bit sore right now, so I am icing it; however, I don't think it's anything major, in fact it may just be because I am thinking about it.
Unfortunately, I now have to buckle down and get some work done; becoming a reading specialist takes a lot of work! I need to analyze some testing and do a case study, fun fun.
This week is looking like a busy one; 5 day week along with grad school. I am already looking forward to next week though, only a 2 day week of work and no grad school! Plus it will be Thanksgiving! Well time to get busy, have a good end to the weekend... go Pats! (Why are they on so late tonight? Yes, I have a 10 bedtime, so I probably won't see the whole game!

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