Saturday, November 6, 2010

what a difference a day makes

Ok so it's a good think I didn't write yesterday, because this would have been very negative; however, after sleeping it off and waking up feeling refreshed, I've had a much better day today than yesterday.
I've had a major stress-filled week at school, not with my class, but with my grade. Here's the thing, one of my colleagues has been calling in sick, and didn't come to school at all this week. Now she's apparently taking a leave of absence for who knows how long; I really hope she's okay, but I am incredibly frustrated because her plan book has been EMPTY! So I've had to copy, plan, help the sub (her room is adjoining to mine, so the subs just pop in and ask questions). I really don't mind helping out, but I've tried to contact my colleague and still am in the dark with what's up... so basically I've been running two classrooms- now report cards are coming up too which adds to the mess and parents are starting to talk.... That's it in a nutshell, but I met with my principal and assistant about it yesterday, leaving school in a wicked fury. End of rant for now I woke up and was able to forget it all....
I started my day with breakfast and enjoying the crossword in the paper, perfect start to the day.
Then I started the productivity.
I first went to the bank... it's nice to see my account growing, although that will be put to a halt when I move out again... but it will be worth it!
Then it was off to get gas... and then to borders. I had to buy this book:

We're starting a new unit in writers' workshop and I'm going to be modeling it after Cynthia Rylant. A lot of the beginning lessons deal with this book. In the past I went to the library, but figured I should just buy it.
While I was there, I saw this book too and figured I could also work it in, so I bought it as well. I already have a lot of the "Henry and Mudge" series she writes, so I didn't get any of those.

Then I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few essentials, and finally went to pr running in Westboro for new shoes.

Then it was gym time!
I have orders to try to run this weekend... so I RAN today!
Nothing crazy... but I did run for 25 minutes... 3.3 miles. And the good news is my knee really didn't bother me, although I'm not sure if this was long enough to judge, but still I was happy to run! :) Although my foot is sore?? I think I've just been on them a lot, so I am currently icing my knee and my foot too just to be on the safe side.
Well, it's only 2:30 and I feel like I've already had a full day... but time to get a little work done before church at 4.
Today is a much better day and hope the weekend only continues to get better! :)

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