Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 days until santa comes

Yes, the countdown has been on in my classroom and tomorrow it gets to single digits. As of today there are 10 days until Santa comes; apparently my kiddos look forward especially to Christmas eve because that is their opportunity to see Santa after he comes down the chimney, seriously how cute. I love that this year I think I have 100% believers in my room! (or if not, I have no one who is coming forward to spoil it for the bunch!)... I've had that happen before and had to have a little 1 on 1 conference with kids asking them please don't ruin it for others! I say that I still believe, so the kids tend to follow my suit.

Even though it's fun being with the kiddos during the holiday season, I don't mind a break from them, which I will get for two days! Tomorrow and Thursday I will be going to Ashburnham MA for the second half of my category 4 training for ELL. It's not fun to have nearly an hour commute to get there, but it's definitely nice to be there and get to be the student and not the teacher for a change. Tomorrow I actually get to be a double student- learning about how to teach ell's for the day and then learning how to be a reading specialist by night! Tomorrow is the final evening of my 5th course on route to my CAGS degree! I also gave my presentation and turned in my final paper last week, so I am ahead of the game and don't have any work due tomorrow night- I just get to soak it all in and listen to other people's presentations, so nice!! I guess that's one of the reasons I haven't blogged lately, but let's not get into excuses now...

So I have no races coming up, but my goal is going to be to build up my base over the winter and get myself set up to partake in some Spring races. While last week I only managed to run 3 days, I still got in over 20 miles. (I did work out every day, for some reason my head just hasn't been in it- so much going on that I've "slacked off" on the elliptical instead.) So I'm going to really try to make a conscious effort to get in my 4 runs a week- preferably Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday... then elliptical Monday and Friday and bike Wednesday. When I am in that routine it works well for me, it's just a matter of getting back into it! The knee seems to be handling some miles ok- I still ice nightly just to be safe. I think that now it's just mental... I need to focus, which is hard when I'm not training for something in particular, but I am going to try. I don't like racing over the winter (my body hates working out in the cold, I know I'm a wuss).

This week is off to a good start on the workout front. Yesterday I got my 80 minutes elliptical in. I followed it up with some upper body lifting- I only do this on Mondays. Also did abs. Today I fulfilled my day 1 of running for the week. 5.54 miles on the treadmill. I started off at an easy 7:40 pace, then slowly got a little faster. I had set the treadmill for 40 minutes and figured I'd just run whatever distance that time took me.... which ended up averaging at a 7:13 pace when all was said and done, not too bad. I feel like I was just getting warmed up, but don't want to burn out on the treadmill, so I hopped over to the elliptical and did another 40 minutes of cardio.

Tomorrow is the early wake up call- but I don't mind it, since it's almost like a day off. An hour on the trainer is pretty easy, plus it's nice to pay a visit to my lonely bike in the cellar! Tomorrow's added incentive is to get my workout in early so I can relax as I sit through hours and hours and hours of class!!... literally 10.5 hours of class tomorrow, yikes!

It's nice knowing I don't have to go into school tomorrow; I can totally relax tonight! Time to catch up on some r and r and perhaps a little tv!

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