Sunday, December 26, 2010

school and christmas parties and moving!

so i know that i am terrible about blogging... here's the excuse (s) this time:
1. the end of school before a break- so many things going on that had to be finished up means priorities aren't writing on here
2. the end of a semester- i had to finish my course work/ do a final project/ paper and presentation... once again very time consuming!
3. squeezing in "holiday" stuff- from shopping, to wrapping, to holiday parties, the time just gets filled up!
4. (most time consuming here)- moving! it takes a lot of time and energy to pack up everything, move, and then try to clean and unpack at the new location!

ok so while those are my excuses, i still enjoyed every one of them... that's why i don't feel guilty. i think that blogging should be fun, not a chore, so i don't mind not writing here because i am off living a good life to the fullest!

anyways, the holidays have been great... while i have found that i have been busy, i think i've been able to take a step back, enjoy it, and realize how lucky and blessed i really am.
our first family party was last weekend, and sad to say, i think this is pretty much the last time that our pepere will share a christmas with us. he is fading fast and will be passing soon. while it's sad to see, i also think that it's great that he's lived such a long life- 86 years! while there's been some tough times, he surely has had a great life and has a large, loving family to show for it. it's at the point now though where his quality of life is so poor that i really wish he would just pass on. he will be deeply missed; however, he hasn't known me know for over 2 years, so i think it's time.

more family time was shared on christmas eve with my dad's side of the family. this is one of my most favorite nights of the year!! now i don't mean to brag, but my family is pretty awesome. my dad is one of 11 kids- which led to 29 grandchildren--- get us all together and we're a good time! what other family has a sing along on xmas eve that lasts an hour and a half! (yes, it actually was a little too long this year..
christmas day was spent at home, just with the fam. i am happy to say that my surprise for my parents was a success! my bro, sis, and i collaborated to buy them airline tickets to bermuda next year! it will be their 30th wedding anniversary next summer, so now they can revisit their honeymoon site! my mother got all chocked up, in a good way! :)

also over the past week i've done a lot of packing and moving and cleaning. you don't realize how much stuff you have until it all has to be put into boxes and bags and bins! here's some photos (taken with iphone since my camera is in a box somewhere...)

here is the kitchen before much moving... just during the cleaning phase

today my cousins, parents, and sister helped me move larger things... couch, futon, bureau, desk, table, chairs... starting to look more like a home!

happy i can use my couch again!! :)

and i can use my futon too!... the kitchen table and kitchen are in the background... bad lighting though

my bedroom is still a mess...

but it will have to wait until after the blizzard! i didn't move my bed yet, so i could have a place to sleep at the rents' house while i get through the storm. the bed will get moved later this week and hopefully over the next couple of days i can unpack and really make it like a home to start 2011 off right! :)

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Caitlyn Clark said...

Hey Julie! Catching up on your blog, life etc. I haven't been a good blogger lately! (shame on me!) I have a goal to write everyday this year... but probably keep a lot of it private.

You coming to the goal summit? I'm trying to figure out who is going since there are so many people who haven't replied on FB. Also, Sumner can't drive yet and I'm trying to figure out if I can make it up early to help Matt out or not.

Let me know! Enjoy your new place! John and I run on Mill St. a lot. You should join us!