Monday, December 27, 2010

Working out while being snowed in

happy blizzard 2010!
I would have had no school today even if it weren't Xmas vacation... We're getting over a foot of snow outside right now! I had planned a gym trip today, but got too impatient to wait til tonight- I hate just sitting around waitiing to work out, so I suited up in bike gear and jumped on the trainer. I'm still biking- yes multitasker! I'm at the 1:40 mark, going to get to 2 hrs, then maybe a little more?
It's definitely mental. I use the tv to keep me entertained, but also played a game of scrabble on my phone withy sister! I may not really be focused right now, but when I speed up I zoom in Aand focus on the ride. It's not the best workout, but Mondays are easier days, although I usually lift, so I'll have to make up for that tomorrow.
I'm hoping the roads clear up so I can do errands later. I have lots to get for my apartment so it can be up and running at the end of the week.
Enjoy the rest if the snow day if you're snowed in too! :)

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