Tuesday, January 18, 2011

and just like that... a 4 day weekend!

While I was planning on this weekend being long, I didn't plan on it being 4 days long! We had a day off yesterday due to MLK, Jr. and today the snow and ice brought us yet another day off! Let's recap the weekend from the start...

Friday night I was wiped, so after a full day at school and the gym, I pretty much was in my pjs by 7:00 and plopped on the couch for the evening. Exciting, yes I know.

Saturday was a little more entertaining! On the agenda first: a run, of the longish sort. My goal was 8, but felt good so I ran 10 miles... in around 73 minutes. Not too shabby. More importantly than finishing, my stomach felt good! I think that eat lower fiber the night before a run is very key for me-- I need to keep conscious of this!

As for the afternoon, I was off to Jeff's in Rhode Island. We were going to spend the afternoon on a little excursion which led us to IKEA! I really could spend my entire pay check there! I kept an eye on my budget though and only bought a coffee table... which I later assembled on Sunday.

Saturday night at Jeff's we cooked :) He suggested eating some fungus... so we made Portobello Mushroom Burgers! We went to Dave's- a store kind of like Trader Joe's near his house in RI. We bought some awesome bread to put our burgers in, I could have eaten several! Of course dipped in ketchup it tasted even better... and I found some grill seasoning in his cabinet, so I cooked the portobellos in that, which gave it a little kick!

Sunday morning I hit up the gym again for a shorter run, this time was a 6 miler to the tune of 43ish minutes. Again, I felt good, although my legs were a little more tired. Overall, I think I need to try to do the longer run on Saturday, then I don't worry about it for Sunday!

Unfortunately the good start to Saturday turned sour with the Pats major loss on Sunday evening. Before the game I did my errands for the week, including a stop at my favorite Trader Joes :)

Monday is a cross training day, so I spent the morning at the gym. 80 minutes on the elliptical (10.2 miles), followed by some upper body lifting, and situps and stretching- I'm beginning to love the foam roller. It definitely helps my legs recover more quickly!

A slight downer yesterday was that my cable and internet weren't working! I am really not a fan of Charter anymore... I was on the phone with them 3 times yesterday, then was finally visited by them after 3:00, only to learn they had "accidentally" turned off my services. Apparently the former tenants had today as their cancellation date? Not sure how this makes sense, since I've been living here now for several weeks! Oh well, that problem was solved.

I also visited Memere yesterday and my aunt; then had a quick stop at the parents house to drop off some things and say hello.

Going to bed last night I was a little uneasy; for some reason I don't sleep well when I don't know the agenda for the next day--regular day, delay, or snow day? Surprisingly, I fell asleep okay, and only woke up a couple of times- the last time was to my phone at 5:11 with a call from the school; snow day!!

Now I love a snow day... however, I hate staying inside ALLLLLL day. I am a busy-body, I like to feel like I am getting things done and I associate sitting around day with being very unproductive. So I created an agenda for myself- things I could get done inside. I am proud to say, I have been productive! Here's all I've done today:
- 2 hours and 15 minutes on the trainer (roughly 34 miles)
- cleaned shower and bathroom
- cleaned kitchen counters, table
-reworked/ fixed my plan book (snow days mess things up in there!)

Still to go today include getting ahead with grad school work (doing some textbook reading), in addition to more sitting and watching tv ( I can call this accomplishing something if I ice at the same time- that's like multitasking in my book, haha).

Well the snow has stopped, but now it's freezing rain, so I'm going to get going on some grad school work reading- tomorrow should be a full day of school, followed by a long night of class. It should be nice to start the week on a Wednesday though! :)

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