Friday, March 18, 2011

countdown queen

I love countdowns, so let's update on the current things I am counting down to...

2 days until spring :)

8 days until massage

3 weeks until unofficial test results

4 weeks until April vacation begins!

Those are the days I am counting down to in the near future... but there are some that are a little farther off:

97 days until Summer vacation

100 days until I enter my final year as a "twenty something"

104 days until my final grad school class for my cags degree

That takes me to the end of June and then it will be Summer!!
It's crazy how time flies, I can't believe that March is more than half way over already, crazy! I guess time flies when you're having fun... either that or you're so busy that sometimes you don't take time to stop and enjoy the small moments and then thinking back you realize they've already flown by.

I want to enjoy the good times, but I also don't mind that time is flying... bring on the warm weather days!

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