Monday, March 21, 2011

hello spring! ... and snow?!

I was so excited for yesterday- the first day of Spring! Spring brings the promise of warm weather, colorful budding flowers, trees becoming green again, and some outdoor fun and exercise. Clearly mother nature isn't ready for spring to be here yet, as she gave us a rude awakening this morning... SNOW.

Now I knew snow was coming, but I thought it was going to be a dusting, nothing much. Well, I guess compared to what we've had it wasn't a lot; however, I watched it fall steadily from my classroom window from late morning through the afternoon and it never stopped! When I left school I had a good three inches of wet snow piled up... enough to have to use the brush/ scraper and wish that I had worn gloves on this fine first day of Spring.

Maybe the saying is true...March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb... although the weather last week seemed a little more lamb-like! We still have another full week + to go, then April will hopefully be snow free! I am such a more positive and upbeat person in the sunny warm weather- not that I am negative in the cold weather, but the warm weather really just makes me feel so alive and loving life! (Why am I living in MA and not a state further south?)

Before the snow hit today I enjoyed the sun this weekend, even if the only time I was really in it was out and about doing errands!

I was also thrilled with yoga on Sunday. This time I did an hour on the elliptical first and then went to much better, I was so relaxed!! There is a new instructor who did a little less of the vinyasa flow and incorporated more hatha yoga. She started off by saying that she's done most of her training/ studying at Kripalu... so I figured she'd be great! She read a poem to start that really got my mind in the yoga mood. Not only was I able to mentally let go, but also she did some great stretching and poses to open my hips- I really felt like a new person yesterday afternoon. I NEED to keep doing this class once a week, it's really good for me mentally and physically. It's actually quite challenging for me to stay focused and on that mat for 75 minutes! (she told us from now on it would be 75 min instead of 60... I was nervous, like oh no I don't know if I can be that still and focused for so long, but I did!!)

The yoga must have stretched me out because I had NO PAIN at all today on the elliptical and wasn't stiff getting off the machine either. I did more stretching afterwards and a little upper body lifting. With Jeff's advice I am going to run this week... I am thinking probably Thursday, just a few easy miles so I can have a sense of where I'm at... and if I get really tight then it will be good info for the massage therapist on Saturday.

Time to do a little correcting and get work done so I can hopefully fall asleep at a decent hour- my body didn't cooperate last night and won't fall asleep, so I'm hoping to wind down earlier tonight!

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