Sunday, March 13, 2011

nice little saturday

Got a nice little Saturday planned... you know, maybe go to the Home Depot.." Very rarely do I quote movies since I am awful with movies!! I don't sit still for very long, hence why I don't watch a lot of movies... and when I do sit down for a movie it's usually because I am tired, so there are so many movies that I seen the beginning of, yet haven't finished! Old School (quoted) is a movie that I actually have seen start to finish and yesterday I was thinking of this quote.

Anyways, why was this quote in my head you might ask? If you thought because I had a trip to the Home Depot planned, then you were correct! After the gym and some errands it was south I went to RI. Jeff's kitchen reno has begun and I'm playing my part in advising in the decorating... I stay out of the construction piece, I know my role.

We hit up Lowe's first to check out countertops, lighting, and tiling. He wants a back splash, so we were trying to mix and match tiles with counters to see what looks good and try to find something at a good cost too. We then went to Home Depot to compare and contrast what they offered in stock and what deals they had... at the end of the day (well, afternoon), I'd say that Lowe's was definitely a winner. Not only did they have better prices, but also they had more in stock to choose from! Here's the potential winners... Jeff needs to go back this week to make the final purchase.

The glass tiles will look great as a back splash!

This is a winning combo in my book!

Adding white ceramic tiles in addition to the glass tiles will make for a good back splash... not sure if I like the white tiles vertical though, horizontal perhaps.

"Hmmm... what to choose, what to choose..."

I think this pendant light will look good above the breakfast bar... and it matches nicely with the glass tiles!

After a full day of shopping/ browsing we (at least I was) were quite tired... a dinner in was in order, that is after we got the stove working again! Living in a construction zone can have its challenges!

And after dinner there was another eventful part of the weekend... dc trip is booked!! I won't start the countdown now, but when it gets closer I will surely do so!

As for the weekend workout recap:
Saturday- Morning elliptical (75 minutes)--- followed by lots of stretching and foam rolling. Surprisingly the hip/ butt is starting to feel better! I think I am going to cross train this week though while my body still battles my sinuses or whatever I have been exposed to thanks to my kiddos' germs.

Sunday- Fulfilled my weekly yoga session!!! This is a major step for me, I find vinyasa to be kind of boring in a way, it's hard for me to focus and just do stretching and poses for an hour, I really like to be moving instead. But I did it and will continue to do it because I could tell how tight it was! We did a bunch of hip openers and I was like... wow, I really need to work on this!! I followed the class up with an hour on the elliptical--- and feel great, although sore!! I forgot how much I use my arms in yoga, we did a lot of sun salutations and planks... my arms are feeling the burn, in a good way!! I also did my hip and butt exercises on the mat while waiting for the class to start. Good news is that I haven't felt the urge to sit on the heating pad all day!!

And sadly, another weekend comes to an end- the week is a vicious cycle! Monday tomorrow, but it's a professional development day, so at least I can wear jeans to school! :)

AND happy Daylight Savings time... love the fact the sun set an hour later today!!!


jbhurdlez said...

=) Thanks so much for your help with the decorating/color coordinating for my kitchen! Next up.. paint color selection once the countertop, cabinets, and backsplash are in!

julie said...

No problem, I enjoy it even if I was semi-sick still! After the countertops, etc. get in we can tackle choosing a paint color and pick a weekend to paint too :)