Thursday, March 24, 2011

not a success... but not a complete failure

So for the past 3 weeks I haven't been running, only cross training while the pull/ knots in my butt are trying to heal and work out. I really don't know exactly what I did about 3 weeks ago, but I do know that 3 weeks ago I was limping when I walked... I would hobble onto the elliptical and get off and my whole left leg would stiffen up. That's not the case anymore.

This Saturday I am finally getting my appointment in for a massage so I'm hoping she can work out the kinks in my butt. Seriously, this really has been a major pain in the butt...although I think my condition is improving and it's made me realize the benefits of cross training. I have also decided to train smarter not harder with the new plan once I am fully back and running. Yoga has already been a great addition and I am hoping the pool (gasp) is also a good one too.

As for this week here's what I did:
Monday- Elliptical (1:20)... 10.3 miles
upper body lifting, stretching, foam rolling
Tuesday:Elliptical 77 minutes- 10 miles
Wednesday: back in the saddle for the first time in 3 weeks... 1 hour bike ride before school on the trainer
Thursday: Elliptical 55 minutes- 7 miles
Treadmill run 3 miles- 22:20 (7:27 pace average)

I don't consider today's workout a success. While I was running I wasn't loving it, like I should be. I wasn't in pain per se; however, I just had this constant tightness in my left butt cheek that wouldn't go away. I stopped once to do a quick stretch and see if it helped, but it basically felt the same. While it didn't get worse, it didn't seem to loosen up while running either. I'm not sure what this means. One thing I do think is true is that the treadmill is messing up my form... I don't have a perfect stride since my left leg is 3/8 in longer than my right and I think the treadmill is almost restricting me from my natural style. Maybe? Maybe I am just making things up. Either way, I don't plan on running again tomorrow and probably won't run again before the massage Saturday.

I don't consider today's workout a complete failure either though. I was able to walk off the treadmill not limping and proceed to foam roll and stretch for a while. As I sit here it's not bothering me, although when I walk I have a feeling in my hip like I need to crack or pop it.

Looking at things positively I am able to cross train now completely pain free and I'm able to walk around without hobbling. I'm wondering if a couple more weeks off of running is all I need? I hope?! Or should I be running through it? I wish I could just be told do x, y, and z and you'll be good to go, unfortunately the body is a funny thing and you have to respond to how it acts. So I guess that's what I'll do. Looking at the big picture I'd like to be enjoying running this spring and summer... so if it means ellipticalling (is that really a verb? is now.) until the warmer temps come, then I guess that's what I'll do....

One thing I know I am sure of and that is I couldn't be happier that tomorrow is finally FRIDAY!

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