Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recap- Summer 2011- Ironman Lake Placid

Since I haven't blogged in a year, I thought I'd take some time to look back at some memorable events that have happened. One of these exciting times was our first trip away from home together to New York; Lake Placid Ironman 2011! It all began with packing for the trip, now Jeff is a packer for sure. Little did I know what went into packing for a triathlon. I am used to running. What do I need? Running shoes, some extra clothes, maybe some GU or a powerbar, water, nothing more than a backpack for sure. But yeah, I guess a triathlon takes a little more; we're talking transition bags, wet suits, bikes, and everything that goes along with the swim, bike, and run. In addition to that we would be in NY for 5 days, so we had personal things to pack as well.
Good thing I am marrying someone who can pack- JAB, you are the packer of this relationship for sure. (This is evident in my dishwasher packer abilities (or lack there of) too!)
Then we were off!! As you can tell I get a little antsy in the car and need to find my own fun. Don't worry, we used our time wisely playing the license plate game!
Many hours and license plates later, we arrived! Of course we didn't go to the house right away, we had to check in first. Now this is not like any race registration/ packet pick up I've ever been to. This is quite a bit more extensive. All athletes even had to weigh-in, just to be safe in case they need medical emergency while on course- this would give some evidence as to how much weight was lost while out there.
Then it was off to our house for the week along with some fellow triathletes! It was within a walk to the start and very relaxing...
A bit of a tight squeeze in the upstairs bedroom... but amazing views and great air!
With a dining room that turned into the bike garage!
Of course, I had to spend time being cheesy and touristy; but we also had some fun runs and walks around the expo. Jeff went for some warm up swims in Mirror Lake too. Just being around the area with some many athletes was contagious-- if I were a better swimmer I would have gone and signed up for a tri myself; too bad doggie paddling doesn't really work in open water competitions.
Fun was had at the expo!
And Mr. JAB said goodbye to his bike. Competitors need to check in their bikes the day before.
Do you think there are a few triathletes here?! Then it was on to race morning... with an early 4:30 wake up call! Don't I look like a morning person?!
Now I have never seen a triathlon in person before; however, I realized that it would be a long day. Here was the plan- go to the Fuel Belt team house, meet the other athletes, then go with Jeff to the lake to say goodbye and good luck. Sounds easy right? Yeah, well when there are thousands of people it gets a little chaotic! We went to the Fuel Belt house and met up with people...
Then I had to say goodbye and good luck...
And pretty much lost him in a sea of swimmers...
The other team spectators and I watched them transition out of the water and then ran over to watch them speed onto the bike course. I had never seen a transition happen before and it was so cool! I watched Jeff run down the carpeted area barefoot (obviously, he was just swimming!) and then into the bike transition area. They have "strippers" there who help you yank your wet suit off of you. Then you have to throw on your bike shoes, helmet, etc. and ride-- yeah go ride over 100 miles (after swimming 2.4 miles!) talk about amazing!
I'm not going to lie, this was actually difficult for me. It was nice to know that he was off riding, but knowing I wouldn't see him for a couple of hours made me nervous. What if he gets hurt out there? But I had to trust that he'd be fine, and he was! The girls went out for breakfast, then saw them come through once on the bike (it had a loop). Then we had a bunch of time to kill, so were able to walk back to "our" house, have lunch, and then head back to the run course to watch the team on the marathon course. That's right- after the bike ride it's not over, time to run 26.2 miles! Fortunately I had the Fuel Belt team to keep me company and show me around the course. We watched and cheered as some amazing athletes came and went.
As Jeff came by the first time I was pumped! He looked good (considering he'd now been exercising for over 10 hours!) Of course the marathon had just begun!
It became a hot day, hot for any marathon, let alone the completion of a triathlon, but he did it!!! I was so proud and happy! And I know he was quite tired!! :)
He's done! And I'm happy to have him back with me! Lake Placid was definitely a memorable place. To see so many competitors out there was truly inspirational. Plus I had seen first hand the amount of training that goes into this one day. It requires a lot of work and determination! We were sad to say to goodbye to IMLP; however, we had a fun car ride home ahead of us and little did I know Jeff had a few tricks up his sleeve (and a sparkly object hidden away)!

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