Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4 Months to go!!!

I get a little excited when the fourth of the month comes... it means one month less of waiting until our wedding day!
We are getting married on August 4th, 2012!
Even though I've been a bridesmaid before, being the bride is whole different story! There is SO MUCH planning to do!
Here are some things that are done!

We met with the priest to pick the date... and get the church reserved for a Saturday afternoon!... In a few weeks we have Pre Cana retreat. We already did the "bubble test"... that was interesting, but neat to learn about how we answered different scenarios!

Venue is booked... this picture doesn't do it justice!

Entry to the country club-- we plan to use the balcony for some pictures!

Bridal Suite!

The country club is exactly what I was looking for-- an open space with lots of windows! It's set up high on a hill so it over looks the city. It will look beautiful too when the sun goes down!

After choosing our venue last summer we really got a lot done-- we booked our photographer and did an engagement photo shoot. We got our announcements done and ordered and sent our save the dates.
I got my dress!! And we also got all of the bridesmaid dresses too!

I can't reveal my dress- but here is one of my adorable junior bridesmaids! She is wearing "Iris" which is the color of all of the girls' dresses. The bridesmaids have more of an adult look to them though. They are strapless... and (bonus) have pockets too!

Our dj is booked. Our invitations are ordered and we just received them last week. We've begun to order bridal party gifts and think about things that we want to incorporate into the ceremony and reception. We booked our florist and choose our flowers. We booked our baker and tentatively chose our cake flavor(s). However, we need to go back in July to officially decide on our design. Our limo is set... or so I hope, that's another story for another day! We booked our honeymoon! We will be going to Hawaii for 11 days! We have a week in Kauai, followed by 4 days in Oahu--- and I can't wait! I've booked our day of wedding hair appointments and will be going for a trial in June. Also is June is my first fitting for my dress. They also will have to make the bustle! I still need to work on getting shoes though!

It doesn't seem like a lot, (and I've left out a lot of details) but it really is- there are so many decisions to be made! In a couple of weeks we meet with our wedding coordinator to choose our menu. Then we will have to send out the invitations and basically meet with everyone again to do all finalizing for the big day!!

So much goes into a wedding and all for good reason. In 4 months I will marry the man I get to spend the rest of my life with. In 4 months we will officially make our lives one. In 4 months I get to take on a new name and officially begin a new chapter in our lives. 4 months can't come soon enough-- (although I guess it's okay if we don't really jump forward in time, because there is still a lot to do before 8/4/12-- 4 months left to enjoy our engagement!)

On a side note... it's Wednesday!! That means Survivor night!! Time for some r and r with JAB!
Any other Survivor fans out there? I started watching during my first year of college (2000) and have been hooked (on and off) since then... now I've got my soon to be husband hooked as well! (Actually he doesn't like it as much as me, but he must love me because he puts up with my "reality" tv obsession!)

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