Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fearing a Run

I love running, but sometimes I fear a run. It could be due to distance, weather outside, or just a gut feeling... but at times I hate going running or just am afraid to go. Why afraid today? Let's look back at Thursday...

Thursday was a tempo day- according to the plan I've been following I was supposed to do a 4 mi tempo at 7:12 pace. BUT, I was tired after work on Thursday, so I told JAB I'd just to the hour run that he had planned (he's training for a half ironman!). Of course he runs faster than I do... so my "easy" in my head day turned into 8.34 miles in 60 minutes--- yes, that's like an average of 7:15.. which should be closer to my race day pace- NOT an easy training run. While it felt amazing afterwards, I paid for it yesterday.

Fridays are a planned day off, but I totally needed it-- my legs were soooooore and my knees hurt. (We were crushing down hills-- at low 6 min pace!) I have had bouts with patella tendonitis so I wear knee straps, but they didn't work well enough with yesterday's run.
So, last night I was afraid-- I knew I wanted to wake up and run today, but what if my body didn't allow it? So I tried to be smart. I planned a route to minimize hills, thinking that would help my knees. I also told myself I was going to try to do about 10 miles and stick to closer to an 8 min pace-- honestly, this is hard for me to do. I need to work on a long run being an easy pace.

I was able to get going and felt fine! Success, or so I thought. The other problem I tend to have it tight hamstrings... which happened again. I stopped around mile 6 to stretch my left hamstring, but then managed to add on another 4 plus miles!
Another interesting event occurred in the final 2 miles... the Easter bunny ran after me! I think he was bored while standing in front of a flower shop, because he totally started chasing me-- couldn't keep up though! ;)

I didn't have the best route and ended up doing a bunch of loops to avoid hills, but in the end I think it was a good decision because 1:21 later I had done 10.4 miles!

Now it's time to bake some brownies for Easter tomorrow!

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