Sunday, April 1, 2012

July 26, 2011

July 26th used to be just an ordinary day on the calendar; however, now it is known as our Proposal Day! Little day I know that when I woke up that morning I would go to bed that night engaged. :) Here's what happened... Monday evening we got home from Lake Placid- exhausted. Unbeknownst to me, Jeff contacted my dad that evening to "officially" ask him if it was okay that he ask for my hand in marriage, how sweet! The next morning he tried to bring me breakfast in bed, but in my stubborn nature, I didn't want to let him do this- he had just completed a full triathlon, I should be the one catering to him! So I got up out of bed and ruined his plan! So he had to go to plan b... he went back upstairs behind my back and slipped the ring in his pocket. After I took my sweet time eating breakfast and uploading pictures from the trip he patiently sat there waiting. (I really thought he just wanted to look at all the pictures.) In reality, he was waiting for me to be done, so about an hour later I shut my computer and said I was going to go start some laundry. He stopped me and started to thank me for supporting him and then starting talking more about how much I mean to him... before I knew it, he was down on one knee. (I still had no idea what he was doing!) Then he took out a box, opened it, and asked me to marry him. What was my reaction? Oh yes, I started to hyperventilate and said, "Is it real?" After crying, laughing, and catching my breath, I finally said yes!
(Good thing my camera was nearby to capture the hyperventilation process...)
Many ring pictures followed, in addition to calling our parents to tell them the good news.
Needless to say, I never went and did laundry, we went out for breakfast instead! And of course, more pictures where my ring just happened to be visible ensued!
Love Wildflour Bakery!
Happy Engagement Day to us! <3 It was perfect. I had told him that I never wanted the "over the top" proposal-- didn't want our names on a jumbo-tron or anything like that. It was just a lazy Tuesday morning in the summer, completely unexpected, but absolutely wonderful and perfect.

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