Friday, April 20, 2012

Last Day of Vacation

Today is the last day of April vacation, so sad! But this just means next vacation will be summer vacation, woot woot!

Didn't sleep in too late, I had some things to do...

Ok I am huge dork, but today I actually watched a video on You Tube to see how to stuff the wedding invitations-- these are some complicated things man!

After an hour and a half this morning I stopped working on them so I could shower and head out for errands. Fridays are my days off from working out, so I didn't have to wait til after I got my sweat on to shower!

Went to the bank. Felt pretty cool walking in with a box of rolled coins. Cashed in for $95! Not bad for coins lying around our bedroom!

Then I visited with the bro before heading out food shopping. I like to go for a good grocery run at Market Basket when I am up in MA. There are things I like to get at Trader Joe's, but Market Basket has really good prices, so I try to take advantage when I can.

All of this for about $80!

And here's what was inside!
15 greek yogurts
6 bananas
oatmeal x2
power bars
sandwich thins
chick peas
lunch meats (for Jeff's lunches)
turkey kielbasa
turkey pepperoni--- pizza making tomorrow
salad greens
peanut butter
summer squash
salad dressing
bbq sauce
trail mix bars
frozen tater tots
vegetarian baked beans (canned)

After lunch, it was back to invitations and laundry. I am proud to say their are all stamped, labeled, and stuffed!!!! Our final guest list count was 197. Our room can accommodate for 200 so we should be good! :)

(still don't have to send them for about a month though!)

Finally, it was time to do a little baking to surprise JAB... heart shaped corn muffins! Although I think I overstuffed the tins, they poofed out and don't really look like hearts!

Now I'm waiting for him to come home and enjoy the surprise!... then I think it's a low key night here in the J squared household!

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