Monday, April 2, 2012

Making His House Our Home

So as you can figure out I am now living in Rhode Island; however, I had lived in Central MA for the first twenty-something years of my life. (Ok who am I kidding, I will be 30 in June, yikes- but that's another post for another day.)
JAB bought a house back in fall of 2010, in RI not too far from MA. After getting engaged in the summer of 2011 we decided that it didn't make sense to sell the house, so somehow we'd find a way to make that our first home. Of course I didn't mind moving out of my apartment when the time came- the problem would be that I would have to have an hour plus commute to and from work.
Well, you know how things happen for a reason? I truly believe this because a literacy coach position opened up a couple of months ago- in MA, but 30 minutes from the new home to be. I applied, and boom, change of life began.
Before I moved in though, there was a little water leakage in the kitchen. Ok, reality-- the kitchen was basically gutted and we redid it almost from the floor up! (I should have know a while ago that this would be "our home" since we weren't engaged, yet I was the one picking out the countertops and colors!
Here's the (almost) play-by-play of how the kitchen came to be...

It began with many trips to Lowes- pretty much turned into our date spot of the winter/ spring 2011. Very romantic mind you.

After the ceiling was re-plastered, we choose countertops and painted the walls. I may or may not have chosen the paint color for it's name-- who wouldn't love a kitchen painted in "Morning Jog?" Then I picked out these tiles for the backsplash and along with my mother-in-law to be, we set up this pattern.

My job as tiler started off as a "tile- handerer"-- however, by day 2 I was tiling on my own!Slap on some mastic, and put it on the wall! (I didn't use the tile cutter/ saw though-- I prefer to stay away from sharp objects!)

I did that!! (Well, I tiled, new counter was installed by someone who actually knew what they were doing!)

We added in a pendant light too-- again my contribution was going to Lowe's to buy it, while the men did the electrical work, but I think I picked a pretty cool light! We now have a curtain to match it above the sink- I like the red pop! Plus it looks cool when it's on at night!
(Bar table from IKEA-- we've since bought the matching chairs too.)

And here's the view of half the kitchen-- our kitchen!!

That's been the room that we have spent the most work on so far, but we've also done some minor things elsewhere-- a little painting, buying/ putting up curtains and since January we've added some of my furniture to the house too. Our upstairs spare bedroom is now more of an office, but it still needs work. There is still a ton to be done, but I'm happy that we can both live here and make it ours together!

Our dining room-- where we had our first Thanksgiving this past year!

And our living room... which is where I plan to be in about 5 minutes to rest before bed. A full day of school followed by the gym and I am tired!! (But on the plus side no school Friday and I have a full day conference tomorrow!)

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