Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marathon Spectator

Marathon Monday has come and gone again... one of the perks of teaching in MA is Patriot's Day off-- plus it's the first Monday of April vacation, so it's off anyway!

Originally, I was going to run on the marathon course before spectating; however, due to the crazy warm day I decided to switch up the workouts and hit up the gym at 6 am before leaving for Boston. 8.5 miles on the elliptical, done.

My sister lives in Brighton, so I drove there from RI, then walked to my cousins' house in Brookline. They live on Beacon St., on the marathon course-- definitely a seller for me, they say location, location, location, right?!

Me and my younger sis-- I guess we kind of look alike even though I'm 4 years older!

Top two women at mile 23

Top male at mile 23

View looking down Washington Square-- kudos to everyone that gave it their all. Just in spectating I went through 4 bottles of water and still should have had more. It was a tough day, but for those that ran and adjusting their times, pace, and goal, congratulations!!!

As for today...
it started off with sleeping in til 8:00 a.m. LOVE VACATION.

It continued with 7.5 miles of running. It was another warm day, but not as bad as yesterday. I probably shouldn't have waited until 10:00 am to run, because it was already 76 degrees, but I ran and averaged 7:29 pace, so I'll take it.

Of course after running I looked like this and resembled the color of a tomato, but I'll take the heat over cold and snow!

After lunch it was time for some retail therapy. Good news, I found my wedding shoes!!! I don't have them yet though, they have to be dyed. I also figured out how to stuff the envelopes for our wedding invitations. I definitely felt lame when after opening all of the packages I had no clue what goes where and had to google "how to stuff wedding invitations." Seriously, what did people do before the internet and google?

Vacation fun continues tomorrow-- time to finalize our wedding guest list and I need to make sure I have everyone's correct address so I can type/ print up labels. I'm sure a gym trip and errands will be thrown in the mix too. And I also predict the day ending with Survivor!

Now it's time to watch some tv... I love having DVR so we can record the shows we like and watch them on our own schedule/ time! :)

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