Monday, April 23, 2012

Think Positive Monday-- First Edition

I think the sun forgot to get out of bed this morning, so my body wants to be in bed too.
It was the first day back to school after a week off and I have to say my body definitely fell out of a work routine and it's hard to adjust it and get back on schedule!

I feel like I have a case of the Mondays-- Office Space anyone? BUT I realized, I should be positive... so from now on Monday I will try to think of things that are positive for the day! (I should think this way every day though!!!)

I made it to school safely, despite the monsoon- like rain fall!

I found out today that I will be going to yet another conference-- this Thursday!

The rain cleared up, well sort of... I didn't get soaked going to my car after work!

I was able to go to the gym for a workout! 80 minutes on the elliptical, some core, and stretching, and I was one happy camper!

(Yes I am cool and waited for someone to leave the locker room so I could take this awesome shot.)

I came home to a package! I love getting mail!---> contents weren't for me though, some of my junior bridesmaids' gifts came in!!

I don't have a lot of take home work to do this evening!

I get to see my fiance in a couple of minutes!

This week is the last week in triple-digit-countdown-land for the wedding and this weekend is our Pre Cana retreat!!

I think that making this list makes me happier than before I had written it. Sometimes I don't realize how great things are, but by reflecting on them I see that a little rain and the day of the week that start with Mon- and ends with -day has nothing on me, it's all about positivity!!!! :)

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